Esami o scadenza al lavoro?
Exams or deadlines at work?

Does the thought of upcoming exams or a deadline at work knock you out? Is the change of season sucking up all your vital energy? If the mere thought of leaving the house in real life only makes you sleepy, I have an ORGANIC solution to get you up and out every morning, ...

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Per le ascelle puzzano, anche se mi lavo?
Why do my armpits stink even if I wash them?

Why do my armpits smell bad even if I wash them? Has the first heat arrived and your armpits are making themselves known? If you also love natural deodorants but in the middle of the day you have to wash your armpits because the smell of your armpits embarrasses you, to...

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Allergia, come si manifesta e cosa prendere
Allergy, how it manifests and what to take

Spring for many means allergies. The most common allergy symptoms are: watery eyes; sneezing; itchy nose and eyes; a runny nose; congestion of the nasal mucosa; respiratory fatigue including asthma and cough. To understand if it is a cold or an allergy, remember that colds a...

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Stanchezza Cronica? ho la soluzione
Chronic Fatigue? I have the solution

DO YOU FEEL CHRONIC FATIGUE? Don't panic, I have an ORGANIC solution to combat tiredness! Are you always sleepy and feel chronically tired? Do your legs, eyes and arms already feel tired in the morning? As if you were accumulating unrecovered sleep that combines phys...

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Sei un Over 40 non felice della propria pelle?
Are you an Over 40 not happy with your skin?

I was born in 1971 and not a day goes by that someone tells me that I have beautiful skin and that I look younger than I actually am! This is why today I'll reveal to you how an over 50 takes care of her skin! Genetics certainly helps. I remember Grand...

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Hai i Brufoli?
Do you have pimples?

Not only in adolescence , but also in all hormonal changes (period, menopause and pregnancy) and when beard or shaving are acting up , it happens that pimples appear on the face, chin, neck, nose, on the back. Instead of squeezing them, to make them flare up, dis...

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Vuoi stare bene?
Do you want to feel good?

Find out how Vitamin D deficiency can interfere with many aspects of your daily well-being! One of the main roles of vitamin D is to regulate the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, two very important minerals for fixing calcium in the bones and kee...

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Paghereti dell'acqua al prezzo di un sapone?
Will you pay for water for the price of soap?

Did you know that liquid soaps such as shampoo, shower gel and conditioner have up to 80% water? Today I would like to explain to you why it is very wise to buy solid soaps! First of all you are doing good for the planet , in fact solid soaps do not have bulky plasti...

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Il primo Sale Biologico lo fa Sant'Egle
The first organic salt is made by Sant'Egle

If you have salt in Pumpkin, choose a quality salt! In 2010 we received an award from the WWF as the best farmhouse in Italy for sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Thanks to this event we came into contact with many organizations based in the various WWF...

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Nuovo prodotto Menopausa: sintomi, rimedi, controindicazioni e studi scientifici
New product Menopause: symptoms, remedies, contraindications and scientific studies

- Pause + Energy is a new product created by women in menopause only for women who want to experience a second Spring It was created to counteract all the discomforts of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings, fluid retention, swollen belly, vaginal dryness, changes in bl...

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