ESSERE VEGETARIANI, VEGANI O SEMPLICEMENTE PREDILIGERE LE VERDURE, E' DAVVERO UNA SCELTA SOSTENIBILE? oggi voglio condividere con te una mia riflessione, alla luce di ciò che ho visto in questi ultimo giorni di vacanza in Sicilia.Qui la primavera è decisamente arrivata, ...

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Detox dentro e fuori, per una pelle di seta
Detox inside and out, for silky skin

Many of you have asked me how I can have such radiant skin despite having largely passed the half century! It all starts with a healthy diet, even if a healthy excess is sometimes good for the heart and should not be denied to our body. Certainly the rule must be to eat org...

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Iperico, il fiore miracoloso
Hypericum, the miracle flower

As tradition has it, on June 24th, San Giovanni, the Hypericum flowers are picked and hung upside down in a shady and well-ventilated place. Its flowers, used as herbal tea, are a medieval remedy for depression, insomnia and muscle contractures that often create neck pain ...

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In the change of seasons, when we feel debilitated, this is the winning trio to stimulate our natural immune system. Seasonal changes always bring with them the first 'seasonal ailments'! It's been years since I got sick and I want to tell you what I do every cha...

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Vitamina C biologica di Sant'Egle, la prima sul mercato
Organic Vitamin C from Sant'Egle, the first on the market

The daily intake of vitamin C is essential as the human body is unable to synthesize this important vitamin. It is particularly indicated in the case of situations of prolonged stress, in the elderly, in which intestinal absorption is physiologically reduced, in smokers,...

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Perchè di NO al Black Friday?
Why say NO to Black Friday?

I must admit the media are very good, they are hammering 360 degrees on this coveted day where everyone (thinks) will do great business! They're convincing you that the products you'll find on sale will be at such a low pr...

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Festa della Raccolta dello Zafferano Bio di Sant'Egle
Sant'Egle Organic Saffron Harvest Festival

Saffron, from the Persian za'faran, means gold, light, revealed wisdom. Known since ancient times for its beneficial effects on the body, it has been rediscovered in recent times by science as one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, capable of reawakening all ene...

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Conosci le proprietà delle piante?
Do you know the properties of plants?

Essential oils should be used diluted. You can add them to water and put them in room aroma diffusers, in vegetable oil or body cream, in alcohol for perfumes and in the kitchen to flavor dishes and herbal teas. If you want to use them neat, orally, we suggest that you get...

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Che cosa è la Spirulina?
What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a branched chain amino acid of plant origin. Compared to meat which contains 40% of proteins, legumes which contain 35%, spirulina boasts 70% of proteins already transformed into amino acids and assimilable by our body. It is a cyanobacterium, also known as a si...

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La Mia storia dell'Estate di San Martino
My Story of San Martino's Summer

In unsuspecting times, when I was very little, Nonno Nanni and Nonna E. had a Permaculture business in the Chianti hills, precisely in San Martino. They had decided to leave Florence to go and live in the countryside and live off what they produced. Subconsciously, I had al...

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