100% natural solid soaps from €5,00 €8,00
Why choose a solid soap? 🌿Do good to the planet (don't pollute with plastic packs) 🌿there is no waste because you are angry better 🌿 it is practical, because small and you can take it anywhere, even by plane 🌿 has a long life, 2 months   Choose the soap more suitable for your skin Marseille 100% oil e.v.o. Soothing, helps to rebalance the pH of the skin, prevent irritation and allergies. Aleppo with oil e.v.o. And essential laurel oil. Antiseptic, antifungine and antipruitous. Deeply nourishes the skin and eliminates bacteria, causing a bad smell Calendula 100% oil e.v.o. and Calendula essential oil. ANDSollitrian and soothing, also suitable for children Lavender 100% oil e.v.o. And lavender essential oil Relaxing, astringent, antiviral and antibacterial, even for newborns Snail bay COn oil e.v.o. And sage essential oil Rich in collagen, elastin, peptides, proteins, glycolic acid, life and screw has healing properties, anti-aging, acne fights and prevents stretch marks Honey 100% oil e.v.o. Honey For sensitive and dry skin, contrasts the imperfections. Source Macroolibrate Use: Apply directly to the previously wet skin. Massage and rinse. NB: It does not contain preservatives. Don't leave in stagnant waters and after you use the product in a safe safe place like a soap holder dedicated only to him like ours 100% vegetable luff soap holder. Inci of each soap Aleppo: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Linalool *, Limonene *, Geraniol * Naturally contained in essential oils. Snail burr: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Snail Secretion Filtered, Sodium Hydroxide, Olivae Oleum Virginal, Salvia Officinalis Leaf, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Citric Acid, Linalool *, Limonene * Marseille: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Olivae Oleum Virginal Calendula: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Olivae Oleum Virginal, Calendula Officinalis Flower Lavender: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Olivae Oleum Virginal, Lavandula Augustifolia Oil, Lavandula Augustifolia Flower, Limonene *, Geraniol *, Linalool * Honey: Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Mel, Cera Alba  
Solid Shampoo and Conditioner BIO from €7,00 €10,00
Solid Organic Shampoo Volumizing and strengthening. This solid shampoo helps the hair to have more volume and be stronger thanks Henna content. By the term henna refers to the plant "Lawsonia inermis", which contains a molecule (Lawsone) that binds to the keratin of the hair, but does not penetrate inside, it not tinged as the famous namesake. For this, it has a protective effect and volumizing. Henna also acts as a treatment sebum-normalizing and anti-dandruff. It 'totally natural and contains picramate sodium or other chemical ingredients. It contains other 100% natural ingredients derived from corn and coconut, which I help to give more volume to the hair. Continene also powdered neem. The Neem It is steeped meaning spiritual. Its healing properties are attributed to the fact that a few drops of the nectar of heaven have fallen on it. In many stories of the mythology of ancient Indian history it is given divine origin of this tree. Naturally scented with essential oils: geranium with some cinnamon note, and verbena. It contains natural surfactants extracted from the coconut. USE: after washing your hair with our solid shampoo, starting from the end of the hair, spending balm with care and dedication, reaching down to the skin. Leave to work and rinse. If your hair is very dry, DO NOT rinse passing directly all'asciugature. BALSAM SOLID Why choose a shampoo and a solid balm? 🌿 doing good for the planet (not pollute with plastic, a shampoo kit + Our solid balm is equivalent to two bottles and lasts two months) 🌿 there is no waste because you are angry better 🌿 it is practical, because small and you can take it anywhere, even by plane 🌿 It has a long life, two months for short hair and one month for long hair Allergen naturally present in essential oils: citral, eucalyptol, geraniol, limonene, linalool. NB: It does not contain preservatives. Do not leave standing water after use and put the product in a safe dry place like a soap dish dedicated to him alone as our 100% soap dish of vegetable loofah. INCI: Ingredients: Ceteryl Alchool, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, cocos nucifera oil, ricinus communis oil, disteroylethyl hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, tocopherol, Cinnamomum cassia leaf oil, oil plargonium gravelones, lippia citriodora oil. ALLERGENI NATURALLY CONTAINED IN ESSENTIAL OILS: citral, gerianol, eucalyptol, alpha-pinene, limonene, linalool. Use: applied directly to wet skin in five points: behind the ears, front, central, occipital Massage and rinse. If hair becomes too dirty to repeat the steps. INCI: Ingredients: Sodium lauryl Sulfoacetate, sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, malva sylvestris leaf and flower oil *, Butyrospermum parkii butter *, Senna Italica leaf powder *, tocopherol, pelargonium gravelonas oil, lippia citidora oil, Romarinus officinalis leaf oil. * From certified organic agriculture   NB: It does not contain preservatives. Do not leave standing water after use and put the product in a safe dry place like a soap dish dedicated to him alone as our 100% vegetable luff soap holder. https://santeglebioshop.it/collections/cosmetici-biologici-con-il-nostro-olio-extra-vergine-doliva-bio-di-santegle/products/shampoo-solido-bio-con-verbena-rosmarino-e-melissa
Luffa, the 100% vegetable fiber soap holder €7,00 €10,00
Why choose the luff as a soap holder or as a body sponge? 🌿Do good to the planet (don't pollute with plastic or depried the oceans) 🌿there is no waste of your soap, because the luff will keep you dry and ready for use 🌿 it's practical, because little and you can take it anywhere, even by plane 🌿 It has an incredible long life Our luff soap door, 100% vegetable, ecological and sustainable. As a gift if you buy 10 mixed body soaps of your choice!    
Bio-oil protective shampoo E.V.O. 200 ml €15,00 €20,00
Emotional protective shampoo. Composition: Aqua, Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Disodium cocoamphodiacetate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Sodium chloride, Olea europaea oil*, Glycerin, Propylene glycol, Benzyl alcohol, Perfume, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Chamomilla recutita extract*, Humulus lupulus extract*, Sorbitol. certified organic farming Packaging from 200 ml  
Hemelling protective shampoo, no balm requires. Composition: Aqua, sodium cocoyl isethionate, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium chloride, olea europaea il *, glycerin, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, parfum, potassium sorbate, benzoate sodium, citric acid, lactic acid, chamomilla recuted extract *, humulus lupulus extract *, Sorbitol. * from certified organic farming 1 liter pack
District Balm Bio to Oil E.V.O. 200 ml €15,00 €20,00
Rich and creamy, enhances the natural beauty and vitality of hair without weighing them. Deep restructures the capillary fiber from the root to the tips, improving elasticity and brightness. Form around the hair a thin molecular film capable of countering dehydration, protecting lengths from aggressive brush and hair dryer. Super intricant intensive treatment. The composition is rich in assets that moisturize and nourish in depth which honey, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, D-Pantenol, silk proteins and extracts of birch and pumpkin. It also contains hyaluronic acid. The hair immediately buy strength and softness, resulting fluffy, protected and super destroyed. How to use: After washing the hair with the protective sant'Egle protective shampoo apply a walnut in a uniform way depending on the length and quantity of the hair. Leave to act for a couple of minutes and rinse with warm water. 200 ml   Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behamidopropro- Pyl Dimethilamine, Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides, Mel, Panthenol, Inulin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil *, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Simmondsis Chinensis Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Silk, Hydrolyzed Olive Fruit, Socrose Laurate, Lactic Acid, Betula Alba Leaf Extract, Cucurbita Maxima Fruit Extract, Sodium PCCA, Phytic Acid, Trietium Citrate, Phenoxeyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroic Acid, EthylheXylglycerin, Limonene , Linalool. * from certified organic farming Without parabens without oil-free dyes
Shower bath, bio soap with oil E.V. O, 200 ml €15,00 €20,00
Soap for all the body, moisturizing, emollient and lenitive with Oliva Extravergine of Oliva of Agriturismo Sant' Egle, Aloe Vera and CalendulaPerfectly tolerated by the skin, it respects and restores its hydrolipid film. Contains Extra-virgin Oil of Biological Oliva, Aloe Vera and Calendula in high concentration for a synergistic, moisturizing, emollient, refreshing, and reepithelizing action synergistic action. Particularly indicated for the delicate, screwled, dehydrated, irritated or inflamed skin. Suitable for all types of skin.NO PARABENS NO GLUTENNO NICKEL NO ALLERGENSNO COLOURS NO TEST ON ANIMALS-VEGANINGREDIENTSAqua, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium laureth sulfoccinate, cocamidopropylbetain, Hydroxyethylcellulose, glyerin, Parfum (ipo), aloe barbadensis leaf juice *, European olea oil *, calendula officinalis extract *, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.* from certified organic farming Pack of 200 ml
Bathroom Shower, Bio Soap With Oil E.V.O BIO, 1 LT €38,00
Soap for the whole body, moisturizing, emollient and soothing with extra virgin olive oil of the Agriturismo Sant'Egle, Aloe Vera and CalendulaPerfectly tolerated by the skin, it respects it and restores its hydrolipidic film. Contains extra virgin olive oil of organic olive, aloe vera and calendula in high concentration for a synergistic soothing, moisturizing, emollient, refreshing and summary action. Particularly suitable for delicate, cracked, dehydrated, irritated or inflamed skin. Suitable for all skin types.No parabeni no glutenNO NICKEL NO ALLERGENINo dyes no tests on animals - veganIngredientsAqua, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium laureth sulfoccine, cocamidopropylbetain, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, parfum (IPO), aloe barbadensis leaf juice *, european olea il *, calendula officinalis extract *, lactic acid, potassium sorbate, benzoate sodium.* from certified organic farming Pack of 1lt
Cream Body Bio with oil E.V. O, 200 ml €20,00 €25,00
Moisturizing, lenitive and elasticizer body cream with Oliva Extravergine of Oliva of Agriturismo Sant' Egle, Aloe Vera and Argan oil Studied to make the skin soft and bright contrasting dryness and unfortunate skin thanks to the intake of the precious mixture of the Oliva Extravergine and Argan oils.The extraordinary lenitive, sweeter and nutritious properties of extra-virgin olive oil, argan oil and Aloe Vera donate to the skin a concentrate of well-being and vitality.NO PARABENS NO GLUTENNO NICKEL NO ALLERGENSNO COLOURS NO TEST ON ANIMALS-VEGANINGREDIENTSAqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice *, olea europaea oil *, argania spinosa kernel oil *, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin sorbitol, xanthan gum, tocopheryl acetate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, parfum.* from certified organic farming Pack of 200 ml
Organic body cream with E.V.O., 1lt €58,00
Cream moisturizing, soothing and elastic body with extra virgin olive oil of the Agriturismo Sant'Egle, Aloe Vera and Argan oilStudied to make the skin soft and bright by counteracting dryness and skin infections thanks to the contribution of the precious mixture of Extravirgin Olive Oils and Argan.The extraordinary lenient, sweetening and nutrient properties of extra virgin olive oil, argan oil and Aloe Vera give the skin a concentration of well-being and vitality.NO PARABENI NO GLUTINENO NICKEL NO ALLERGENINO COLORANTS IN THE VEGAN ANIMAL TESTINGREDIENTSAqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, olea europaea oil*, argania spinosa kernel oil*, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin sorbitol, xanthan gum, tocopheryl acetate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, perfume.*certified organic farming Packaging from 1 lt
Tris Shampoo, Soap, Cream body cream E.V.O. bio, all from 1 lt €100,00 €134,00
The new bio-body line with extra virgin olive oil from the organic Agriturismo Sant' Egle. It is dedicated to those who make common sense of products for their own body. Indicated for those who have sensitive skins, for those who respect the environment, the animals and the nature. This offer includes 3 packs of 1 liter each of Shampoo, Bagno shower and Crema body
BIO cocoa butter from €8,00 €10,00
with Jaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, olive oil of santle egle, sunflower oil, castor oil, beeswax, vitamin E and cocoa butter (theobroma cacao butter) ALL BIO Ideal for all types of lips even for those subject to allergies or particularly dry, easy absorption, with super-moisturizing balm effect. 70% percent of what is applied on the lips, is ingested, which is why cocoa butter must be of plant, natural and organic origin. Protect and nourishment your lips with burrs and vegetable oils with renovating properties that help to keep the labial mucosa soft and moisturized. The cocoa butter is characterized by excellent farmness on the lips and results in a real and very natural revelation against dry, screwy lips. Great support to keep your mouth soft and velvety, protecting it from the aggressions of atmospheric agents. The presence of OMEGA 3-6-9 assures aid to damaged cell membranes, acting as a true beauty treatment. Jaluronic acid is a fundamental component of the derma. With the passage of years, our body produces less and less, so it is useful to apply it on the lips so that they remain elastic, soft with the right moisture content. This cocoa butter slows down the naturae process of water evaporation. This humectant and filmogena action makes the skin of lips more flexible and elastic for a long time. Stick from 4,5ml.  
Organic eye contour with pink Centifolia di Sant'Egle and hyaluronic acid €15,00 €20,00
Effective bio-concreted anti-aging, specific for eye contour, lips and neck. Apply and gently massage with roll-on. 10 ml Composition / Inci: Pink Hydrolate Water Ialuronic Acid Vitamin C EUXYL K 700 Glycerin Fragrance Violet Fragrance Dew Fragrance Maracuja Essential Oil Geranium Bourbon Incense Essential Oil Tocherol Citric Acid Glyceric Abstract Consolida Glyceric Abstract of Centella Asian (from organic farming)  
Nourishing anti-aging face cream, 50 ml €20,00 €50,00
Nourishing anti-aging emulsion, 50 ml with Bio Oil of Sant'Ele. The formula is' enriched with Allantoin, collagen, elastin, HYDROPUNTIL *, Product with pale (leaves) of fig India is SK influx. SK INFFUX is a concentrate mix of three different types of Ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids and phytosphingosine, a cosmetic ingredient with restoration capacity of skin protective barrier function. IS' consisting of a Multi-lamp system similar to the structure of the lipid barrier in the horny layer. The application It involves greater hydration and protection making the skin less Sensitive and dry. Wrapped the signs of time perceptibly, firm tissues, stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers, acting with multiple mode of action against markers aging mobile phone. An excellent formula for a young skin, Bright and impeccable. How to use: apply daily on face and neck, perfectly clean and dry, Massage until completely absorbed extending the massage to the decolletè. Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Caprylic / Capric Triglycerides, Decyl Olate, Cetaryl Alcohol, Persea Gratissima Oil, Sclerotium Gum, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Hydrolized Collagen, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Stearic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrolized Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract, Tocopherol, Unsaponifiables, NP Ceramide, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, Lecithin, Sucrose Laurate, Phytic Acid, Lactic Acid, Triethyl Citrate, Citric Acid, Benzoate Sodium, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum.
BIO HANDLE CREAM E.V.O, 150 mL €10,00
Nourishing, soothing and protective cream with Agriturismo Sant'Egle extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera and argan oilExcellent remedy for dry and chapped handsNo parabeni no glutenNO NICKEL NO ALLERGENINo dyes no tests on animals - veganIngredientsAqua, Glycerin, Cetaryl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Acacia Senegal Gum, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil *, Tryethyl Citrate, Citric Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice *, Parfum, Olea Europaea Oil *, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.* from certified organic farming 150ml pack
Oleolito of organic hypericum, cosmetic from €10,00 €15,00
Cosmetic, for skin use. Also called San Giovanni oil. His flowers are collected, as tradition he wants, at the time of his maximum balsamicity, June 24 and put into extra virgin olive oil organic for 40 days in the sun. The active principle of hypericum is released into the oil and the same is colored red. Called, miraculous oil, It was used during the crusades from doctors to treat the weave wounds. The hypericum oil contains flavonoids, tannins and floroglucinases (hyperforin) and these are the properties: healing dermorigenerant soothive emollient antioxidants wrinkle antiseptic purifying astringent antimicrobial anti-inflammatory analgesics wounds scalding burns bedsores erythema Cutaneous inflammation psoriasis skin spots scars stretch marks couperose hemorrhoids Diaper redness insect bites rheumatism Muscle and joint pain Contraindications: For external use, hypericum oil has no particular contraindications, except for any hypersensitivity to the active ingredients, first of all hypericin. The only recommendation concerns the prohibition of exposing itself to sunlight or artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation immediately after the use of hypericum oil. This product is in fact highly photosensitizing, that is, tends to amplify the effects of sunlight on the skin, especially in the case of people with light complexion or with efelids. Unlike the ingested hypericum flower, it does not conflict with hormonal treatments. Sources: Natural cures Greenme Sold in dark packages to preserve the active ingredient that would be ruined in contact with light. 20ml in dark glass 500 ml in food tin from extra virgin olive oil
Oleolito of bio lavender, cosmetic €10,00 €15,00
L'Lavender oleolito, not to be confused with Essential oil, it is a natural product that is obtained from maceration in plant oil of lavender flowery tops. The plant releases its precious nutrients and its most valuable substances in the greasy oil. The final result is an oil to cosmetic use Extraordinarily useful and versatile, which can be used to be pure, as a base for obtaining creams, soaps and other cosmetics products. For example it can be very useful to breathe the skin in case of dermatitis, eczema, or other skin irritation. It is perfect for the care of fat skins or suffering from blacks, acne, or blackheads. It can be used as massage oil to soothe muscle pain due to contractures or as a natural remedy for otitis. Property and uses Lavender's oleolito enjoys antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and relaxing. It is particularly suitable for treating: Dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritation. Lavender's oleolito enjoys anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and is one of the most suitable natural products to soothe skin inflammation due to real pathologies, or caused by irritating external agents (wind, water, soaps, detergents, etc.) . It is fine to relieve dermatitis, eczema, horticaries, itch and insect bites. It is also useful for sunburn and solar erythemics (although in this case the oleolito of hypericum). Contracting and muscle pain. Lavender's oleolito stands out for its particular relaxing and anti-inflammatory action, very useful for alleviating muscle pain due to contractures. In this case you can use it as a real massage oil, useful also to relax and drive out the accumulated tension during the day. For the same reason it is perfect applied in the evening, to relax and reconcile sleep. Headache. Thanks to its relaxing properties, lavender oil can be a valid help for headache. Just apply the oil on the front and temples and massage gently until completely absorbed. Fat skins, or with acne. Lavender's oleolito, thanks to antiseptic and healing properties, brings many benefits especially on oily skin and acne. In this case it is enough to use it several times a day applying a few drops to the face and letting the skin absorb it. Oititis and cleansing of ears. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action of lavender can also be exploited to naturally treat inflammation of the earphone (otitis), both in adults, and children. Just apply one, or a maximum of two drops in the auditory duct and leave the oil to act for about 15 minutes, relaxing and holding the inclined head, so that the oil does not come out, dirtying clothes and sheets. Once this is done, tilt your head from the opposite side and let the oil out, helping them with paper to avoid dirty. Face remover. Not everyone knows that the best way to dissolve the trick is not water, the soap, but the fatty substances like vegetable oils. In this regard, lavender oil is one of the most suitable oils. You can use it for example when you are in the shower, adding a bit of lavender oil on a sponge, then gently passing it on the face and eyes. Later it will be enough to rinse abundant with warm water. Or, if you're not in the shower, you can use the oleolito by applying a few drops on a cotton pad, and then pass it on eyes and face until you completely remove the trick, then rinse with warm water. On hair, against dandruff and lice. For its antiseptic action, Lavender's oleolito is a valid help also to counter dandruff. Furthermore, as you also recommend Dr. Hubs (see video below) is a very valid help also to eliminate and prevent the appearance of lice. Fonte Dottor Mozzi
Elicriso Bio oil, cosmetic €10,00 €15,00
L'Elicris oil is a oleoliteobtained from the maceration of flowering summits ed Helichrysum italicum;in a vegetable oil, used in phytochemistry in topical treatment. The handwriting boasts important properties for skin health: Natural antihistamineOne of the peculiarities of elicris is that it is an excellent natural antihistamine to relieve the symptoms of allergy in cases of dermatitis, skin rash or any other irritation affecting the skin. The elixir does not have the power of cortisone, but it is a natural remedy perfect for alleviating the symptoms of any kind of allergy, or intolerance, whether it is an allergy to nickel, pollen, grass, food, dust, or animal hair. Anti-inflammatoryThe elixir exerts a good anti-inflammatory effect on the irritated skin, especially in the case of dermatitis, eczema, herpes of all kinds, contact dermatitis, urticaria, skin rush and especially on the skin suffering from psoriasis. Natural tanningElicris oil can be used instead of common tanning oils as a natural tanning agent. It provides low protection (about 20-25) and promotes tanning while avoiding the formation of irritation or erythema. Of course, it doesn't protect against sunlight when exposed during peak hours. In the event of a furnace burn, or sunburn, it can also be used as an emergency remedy to ease the pain, but it must be said that for these events the o il oil of hyperwhich is also a great after-sun. Cold hands and feet, or jeansHelicopter o il is very useful even in winter in case of cold hands and feet, or jealous ones, as it has the ability to reactivate the blood microcircle. COMPOSITION: Oil and seeds and flowers of Elicris bio 20 ML Apply the oil to the affected area until full absorption. Sources: Natural cures Diet Blood Group    
Oleity of organic calendula, cosmetic €10,00 €15,00
Calendula oil is an oleolito, obtained from the maceration of the flower of Calendula officinalis in a vegetable oil, and equipped with a powerful Eudermal action, because it can improve the state of the skin; Useful in all those cases in which it appears to be irritated and chapped. Calendula oil is also a great ally of mothers: in fact soothes and protects the sensitive and irritable skin and baby; Also if used in advance it contrasts the formation of the breasts to the breast of the mother breastfeeding, and is also capable of quickly cheering those already present. Calendula's oleolito plays an emollient, soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory and healing action on sensitive or irritated skin. These Eudermic properties are conferred on the plant from the presence in its phytocomplex of essential oil, fatty acids, salicylic acid, saponins, carotenoids, including calendulin, pentacyclic triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharts and mucilage. It is used effectively to feed and moisturize dry, cracked, delicate and easily blossom; In the presence of dermatosis, solar erythema, diaper redness, slight burns, allergic reactions to chemical agents or dermatitis from environmental factors, and finally neutralizes the toxic and poisonous substances inoculated by insect bites. Calendula oil between remedies to treat children's erythema COMPOSITION: Oil Si Bio sunflower seeds and organic calendula flowers 20 ml Apply the oleolito to the affected area, up to complete absorption. On the skin wet sleeps, absorption will be faster. Sources: Natural cures    
Toothpaste bio-mint, no sugar with stevia €6,00
Sugar is present in all toothpaste but it is also one of the causes of the caries. This toothpaste has no added sugar, it has the taste of the mint (natural essential oil) and its sweetness is given by the stevia. Without fluoro, colours, preservatives and sugar. Pack of 75ml
100% natural and breathable candle €10,00 €15,00
Handmade by Cereria Terenzi, this candle is made with natural products, scented with natural essential oils and cotton wicks. It does not contain any synthetic product. The only candles in Italy guaranteed respirable and for this non-toxic. The duration is 40 hours. It is advisable to turn it off every 4 hours for better use. Height 20cm
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