Chronic Fatigue? I have the solution

Stanchezza Cronica? ho la soluzione

Don't panic, I have an ORGANIC solution to combat tiredness!

Are you always sleepy and feel chronically tired?
Do your legs, eyes and arms already feel tired in the morning?
As if you were accumulating unrecovered sleep that combines physical and mental tiredness?
Does tiredness surprise you after lunch, even though you only ate a salad, or at work, while studying, without doing anything strenuous, for no real reason?
You may be wondering what causes it, because sometimes, it's hard for you to even speak.
Do you feel that something is abnormal and makes you slip into mild apathy, sadness and depression?
Don't panic, it happens to everyone, absolutely everyone, at this time of year.
We are in the change of season and the body needs to renew itself!
To fight, win, recover, regain your strength I suggest 3 simple measures!
This way you will stop worrying and you will be as perky as you were before!
It is a good thing, at least once a year, to have a blood test so that you and your doctor can evaluate what can be improved.
Our era is characterized by excesses of heavy metals present from toothpaste to food to the air we breathe, which poison our organism. This is followed by an ever-increasing iron deficiency because we do not eat seasonal products, we do not eat well and balanced food and we overindulge in overly processed foods. Finally, we often have a VitD deficiency, this is because we work in environments with artificial lights and do not enjoy the sun all over our body.
Since I want you to feel good , I have put on offer, while stocks last, a selection of products that can help you fight tiredness.
Organic Spirulina with organic VitC , absorbs all heavy metals, increases energy, motivation, concentration and recovery of muscle strength, contains iron and vitB12.
Organic Echinacea , the immunostimulator par excellence to be taken every change of season because the body gets sick more easily
Organic Reishi cleans the body of medicines, including chemotherapeutic ones, keeps the organs healthy and functioning and is the only immunostimulator that can also be used by immuno-depressed people.
VitDKE is a complete vitD3 supplement with vitamin K2, essential for assimilating vitD and very useful for reducing cardiovascular risk.
Organic Fior di Sale , the only organic salt on the market, Slow Food ministry.
Classic salt, the white dry one, is just bad for you. Fior di Sale naturally contains iodine, magnesium and other trace elements essential for the human body. Instead of taking a magnesium supplement, why not use a tasty salt that is also good for you?
Organic saffron in pistils has been used since ancient times to reduce cholesterol in the blood, very useful for reducing cardiovascular risk.
Organic lavender essential oil , to be put in a room diffuser, in a body cream or a drop on the pillow before going to bed, calms and relaxes the mind.
Organic laurel essential oil to be put in a room diffuser, in a body cream or a drop on the pillow before going to bed, makes the impossible possible. Useful for going further and overcoming an obstacle with ease, it calms anxiety.
Organic St. John's wort flower capsules or herbal tea, half an hour before going to bed, relaxes the jaw, cervical and stomach muscles. It relaxes your body and mind and will allow you to get a deep, quality sleep. When you wake up you will have recovered your strength thanks to a restful sleep.
What are you waiting for to feel good?
Take care of your body, it's the only one you have.
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