Organic Italian saffron bulbs from €56,00 €88,00
We only sell hand-selected bulbs, of average size 11 cm for which we guarantee the blooming. The bulbs can be booked from January with delivery from mid-July to mid-August (depending on the season) to be planted by mid-September. The flower is in October/November and each bulb can produce up to five flowers.To make a gram of dried saffron you need 150 flowers. A bulb can bloom up to a maximum of five times. Transportation, from 500 bulbs up, is FREE, otherwise costs 6 The cost includes: a university curriculum divided by regions of Italy, a self-written manual telling our experience, entries in pdf format. The manuals will be sent after the purchase of the bulbs. After reading the manuals, we are available by phone for any doubts.Orders are issued in July August of this year More information on our website dedicated to Zafferano bio
Italian organic saffron pistils from €8,00 €15,00
The best saffron in Italy certificate First category According to the ISO 3632-1-2011 legislation, it is made in the Tuscan Maremma, at the Organic Agriturismo Sant'Egle. The stigmas of saffron, called commonly pistils are the most powerful antioxidant that exists in nature. Its value can also be measured through its innumerable properties, in fact stimulates the immune system, it protects the body from the aggression of viruses and bacteria, prevents the development of degenerative tumors and diseases, hindering the destructive action of free radicals, protects The heart and arteries, reducing hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, protects the respiratory system, relieving the symptoms of cough and asthma, reduces menstrual pain, thanks to the content of Crocetina, increases concentration, mitigates depression, relieves toothache, Protects the liver and stimulates digestion. The hypothesis that saved him is able to inhibit the deposit of some proteins present in the human brain when he is in the presence of Alzheimer's disease. It is a natural remedy as precious as it is rare. Suffice it to know that you get from three small filaments present in the corolla of a flower, the crocus sativus. To obtain a modest amount you need thousands of plants and many hours of manual work. This is therefore explained because the saffron is compared to gold. In addition to doing well to our organism it is also very good in the kitchen The saffron is used in the kitchen as a food ingredient and drinks to donate the characteristic perfume, the unmistakable flavor and the precious "gold" color.It is sufficient to put some pistil of Zafferano Bio di Sant'Egle in a cup of water, milk of animal or lukewarm vegetable, let it rest for 10 minutes and add the liquid to the dish you want to fine. AttentionAs for all foods it is good to be careful not to overdo it.Take 20 grams of saffron all at once can be lethal!Even, for a pregnant woman, the hiring of 10 grams of saffron can determine abortion. More info on the site dedicated to ours Bio saffron  
KIT ANTI-OSSIDANTE, organic saffron hemp oil €33,00 €35,00
For those who want to send back always young the pair of the most powerful BIO oxidants in nature. The Zafferano bio, 1 gr is one of the most prominent antioxidants that exist in nature thanks to the vast vitamin complex it contains. With only three pistillions a day, eaten raw (not combined with substances above the 38th) tends to lower the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. The oil of Canapa bio, 100 ml is rich in OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and Vitamin E. It therefore has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant, controls cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, lowers the pressure and reduces the cardiovascular risk. Antioxidant, protects against damage caused by free radicals and food toxins, pollution, smoke and UV rays.
NEW 2021! Bio saffron bio pecorino €25,00 €35,00
A wonderful collaboration between the Agribiological Le Tofane and the Organic Agriturismo San'egle. A combination that moves to the palate. A medium-aged pecorino with our bio saffron with a delicate taste where the taste of a good fresh pecorino prevails, full of all the properties of our bio saffron, winner of the first prize best saffron in Italy. The cuises are about 700gr.
Pecorino al Zafferano with honey of Melata bio di Sant'Egle €35,00 €36,00
A sheep from 700 gr about average seasoning with our organic saffron with the decided taste surrounded by the taste of a good fresh sheep, who has won the 2nd prize, best sheep in Tuscany, golden color, rich in all antioxidant properties of our saffron that has won the first prize best saffron in Italy. We have matched the itinerary to the bitter honey of Melata, which marries perfectly to the taste of the Zafferano. A gift to make and to make.
News 2021! Pecorino Bio to Zafferano bio with compounds in citrus fruits €40,00 €65,00
A splendid collaboration between Agribiologica Le Tofane and organic Agriturismo San'egle. A marriage that moves in the palate. A middle-aged sheep with our organic saffron with a delicate taste where the taste of a good fresh sheep prevails, rich in all the properties of our organic saffron, winner of the first best saffron prize in Italy. The caciottines are from about 700gr + 3 Composite gourmet BIO with IGP balsamic vinegar (Tropea onion, strawberry, caramel figs)
750ml bio raw saffron beer from €4,50 €15,00
Refined beer simplicity, with a golden saffron red color, comes with a fine and persistent foam. The perfumes are fresh and immediate, characterized by notes of citrus fruits and Mediterranean scrub flowers surrounded by the unmistakable saffron aroma, soft to the palate suitable for all occasions can happily accompany with appetizers, first courses and seitan. Style Blonde Ale, high fermentation, Bottle refermentation Ingrediants Water, malt, hop, yeast, Saffron of Sant'Egle Alcohol content 7.2% vol. Service temperature 6-8 ° C storage Fresh and sheltered from light It is also possible to request the mixed cardboard (3 saffron + 3 spirulina) please specify in the notes For 100% insured shipping it is advisable to purchase the zero risk package that you find above, which reimburses 100% of the value of this product in case of breakage.
Bio Toscani soups and risottos from €4,00
Each soup has a unique flavor that will remember the flavors of the past Here are the bio soups, 350g can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. Millet and lentils, cereal soup (semi-integrated rice, spelled and mile), spelled soup and beans, barley soup and peas, lost soup (spelled, mile, peas), legume soup (cicercie, fapkin and lentils), spelled soup (spelled and lentils), oat soup (oats and barley), barley soup (barley, lentils, mile and peas), barley soup and scaffolds. Bio death, spelled and barley base soups, 200gr, can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. To the black cabbage (with garlic), to the pumpkin (with onion), to porcini mushrooms (with onion). Bio borzotto, Barley base soups, 200GR, can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth.Leek orzotto (with parsley), radicchio orzotto (with onion) Bio rice, ready risottos To be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. Carnaroli Rice with Bio Spirulina di Sant'Egle (300gr), Carnaroli Rice with Bio Saffron of Sant'Egle (300gr), semi-integrated rice with lentils (350g), half-length red rice with barley (350g)  
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Are there more products that can be inserted? Take a look at the section Kit on offer And save by buying one of Sant'Egle's bio kits The offer is limited to stocks and is in time To see all kits, CLICK HERE!
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