Extra-aged elixir of Maremma grapes, since 1991
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THE STRAVECCHIO ELIXIR OF MAREMMA since 1991 which first was a balsamic vinegar from Spilamberto in the province of Modena The battery of barrels of the Sant'Egle organic farm was forged in 1991 by a master cooper from Castelvetro, in the province of Modena. It is made up of 6 barrels of fine wood such as acacia, oak, chestnut, juniper, and mulberry tree, plus a chestnut abbess. They have a capacity of 30, 25, 20, 15 and 2 smaller 10L containers from which 2 liters of Elixir are taken per year. In 2022 the owner of this battery, winner of the gold medal for best Castelvetro vinegar at the Spilamberto prize, decided to sell it, this is how it arrived at the Sant'Egle organic farm. Even though the battery is made of balsamic vinegar from Modena, because it spent the first 40 years of its life in Spilamberto in the province of Modena, by law, when it is taken outside the territory of Modena, it is no longer allowed to be called Balsamic Vinegar. Read the whole story, how it is produced and the awards won here Every year we will dedicate for sale only 10 precious bottles aged 30 years of 100 ml and 10 bottles of 50 ml   Bottles of 15 year aged vinegar are also available upon request.  
Italian Tuscan organic saffron pistils
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The organic saffron of the Sant'Egle Organic Farmhouse was classified First according to the ISO 3632-1-2011 standard. In addition to being delicious, they help keep cholesterol down. Packs of 0.3 g - 0.5 g - 1 g  and vacuum packs from 5g to 15g. Do you want to see Erika's videos and know everything about saffron? Follow this link
Organic spices
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Depending on the season we collect from the synergistic garden and dry our organic aromatic herbs to use in the kitchen or as a natural remedy in the form of an infusion. The product is loose, packaged in paper bags. The price is for 100 g of product. It is recommended to transfer the spice to a glass jar once it arrives at your home.
Rosé, organic and natural wines from the Tuscan Maremma
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This is a selection of our favorite wines that perhaps you tasted on your last holiday in Sant'Egle and would like to have in your home. The wines are shipped in polystyrene boxes and insured in case of breakage. Please recycle the packaging properly. Lady Marmalade IGT BIO - SassoTondo - 100% ciliegiolo variety vinted in red; vol. 13% Micidiale BIO - Poggio Cagnano - 100% Alicante variety; vol.11°%(sparkling) NATURAL Armonia - La Colombaia - 100% Sangiovese variety; vol. 13%
White, organic and natural wines from the Tuscan Maremma
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This is a selection of our favorite wines that perhaps you tasted on your last holiday in Sant'Egle and would like to have in your home. The wines are shipped in polystyrene boxes  and insured in case of breakage. Please recycle the packaging properly.   Organic Bianco Tufo - SassoTondo 100% Trebbiano vol 13% BiancoSpino NATURALE - Acquaviva - Trebbiano, Verdello, Malvasia and Souvignon vol.11.50%Micidiale BIO - Poggio Cangano - 100% ansonca vol.11% (sparkling) NATURAL Vermentino - A.Camillo - 100% vermentino vol.13% NATURAL Vermentino - Acquaviva - 100% vermentino vol. 13.5% Carusel BIO - Poggio Cangano - 100% Vermentino vol.12.4% (aged in Amphora) NATURAL DOC Chardonnay - Acquaviva - 100% Chardonnay vol. 13.50%
Red, organic and natural wines from the Tuscan Maremma
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This is a selection of our favorite wines that perhaps you tasted on your last holiday in Sant'Egle and would like to have in your home. The wines are shipped in polystyrene boxes and insured in case of breakage. Please recycle the packaging properly. EUPHORIA BIO RISERVA - POGGIO CAGNANO - 100% Sangiovese variety vol 12.2% (aged in Amphora) BIO RED TUFO - SASSOTONDO - Sangiovese and ciliegiolo varieties; vol 14% NATURAL NERO - AQUAVIVIA - 100% Morellino di Scansano variety; vol 13.5% LA TERRA E BASSA SELVOSO BIO - POGGIO CAGNANO - 80% San Giovese and 20% Ciliegiolo varieties; vol 12.2% BRACALETA NATURAL RESERVE - ACQUAVIVA - 100% Morellino di Scansano variety aged in oak barrels; vol 13% FRANZ RISERVA BIO - SASSOTONDO ciliegiolo and teroldego varieties; vol 14.5% SAN LORENZO RISERVA BIO - SASSOTONDO - 100% ciliegiolo variety; vol 14% MONTE CALVO RISERVA BIO - SASSOTONDO - 100% ciliegiolo variety; vol. 14% POGGIO PINZO RISERVA BIO - SASSOTONDO - 100% ciliegiolo variety;  vol. 14.5% MONTE ROSSO RISERVA BIO - SASSOTONDO - 100% noccmanello variety; vol. 12.5% NATURAL AVVENIRE - THE COLOMBAIA - Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties; vol. 13.5% NATURAL PRESENT - LA COLOMBAIA - 100% Sangiovese variety; vol.14%  
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Our small production of organic extra virgin olive oil is produced following the synergistic organic method. Sant'Egle is located at 530 meters above sea level and for this reason the olive trees are not targeted by the famous fly which forces many growers to use harmful products to kill it. The harvest is done entirely by hand, without the use of shakers or mechanical means. The Sovana oil mill, certified organic, presses our olives using the cold method. This year, poor in spontaneous rain and very hot, has given rise to an oil with a less herbaceous and spicy flavour. It is fluid, clear and has a delicate flavour. Limited quantity, due to a less rich collection. Nature is like this, sometimes generous, sometimes less. For this reason it should be appreciated and respected. Packaged in mixed color cans (black, green and silver) 2022 Harvest
Organic fleur de sel
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Organic WWF Oasis Fleur de Sale with aromatic herbs from Sant'Egle Slow Food Presidium Organic ingredients: whole sea salt, thyme, rosemary, sage, wild fennel 300g pack Discover here the difference between iodized white salt and real organic salt
Organic St. John's wort flower herbal tea, 50 g
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The St. John's Wort flower used in herbal tea helps to relax. More information on Bio Blog 50 g pack Ingredients: 100% dried organic St. John's wort flowers Listen to the video below, discover all its properties and the many ways in which we use and transform it, here!
Stevia RebA, without licorice flavour and with ZERO sugars
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Stevia has zero calories, does not stick to the teeth and can also be eaten by diabetics. It is a natural sweetener used against diabetes by the indigenous peoples of South America for several millennia. Here the sources. The dehydrated leaves have a sweetening power up to 350 times compared to common sugar. In essence, 1 g of stevia is equivalent to 350 g of white sugar. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STEVIA REBAUDIOSIDE A AND STEVIOSIDE Stevioside and Rebaudioside are the sweet components of Stevia. If the plant is refined, a white powder or a clear liquid is obtained. Stevioside is the first extraction and has a maximum purity of 90% with an aftertaste of licorice . Its sweetening power is 180 times that of sugar, i.e. 1 g of Stevioside is equivalent to 180 g of white sugar. A second extraction from stevioside enables us to obtain and isolate Stevia Rebaudioside A, also known as Rebaudiana. Rebaudiana A is 97% pure, it has no licorice aftertaste and its sweetening power is 350 times that of sugar, i.e. 1 g of Rebaudioside is equivalent to 350 g of white sugar. In addition to fruit compotes made with Stevia, we also sell pure powdered stevia (for jams, desserts to be replaced wherever sugar is used) and liquid stevia with dispenser for hot drinks. 3 drops are equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar the 50 ml package is equivalent to 1750 g of sugar the 100 ml package is equivalent to 3.5 kg of sugar the pack of 5 bottles of 100ml for a total of 500ml is equivalent to 17.5kg of sugar Liquid stevia is composed of water, RebA stevia and 3 natural preservatives accepted in organic farming that prevent the formation of lumps or malic acid (naturally produced by apples), sorbic acid (naturally produced by Sorbus aucuparia and other Rosaceae Taken from http://www.my-personaltrainer.it/additivi-alimentari/E200-acido-sorbico.html ) and vegetable glycerin. Here you will find our site dedicated to Stevia RebA with many of our recipes If Stevia is your thing, check out the videos we made below        
Tea, loose organic herbal teas and organic coffee capsules
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For you who want to remember the wonderful breakfast you had during your last holiday at the Sant'Egle organic farm, from today, you can have at home Erika's special selection of organic teas and herbal teas and 100% biodegradable organic coffee pods compatible for Nespresso machines The teas and herbal teas are loose, minimum order 100 g, delivered in a paper bag. We recommend storing them in a glass jar. The biodegradable organic coffee capsules are in packs of 50.   MY FAVORITE TEA SELECTION English Breakfast organic, a strong blend of broken teas from India, Ceylon and Indonesia, with a traditional English flavour. Early Gray organic , black tea ideal for lovers of the classic and timeless taste, a perfect balance between the delicacy of the tea, citrus aroma with the characteristic bergamot flavour.Assam Satrupa organic , a black tea that grows near the Brahmaputra River in the easternmost region of Assam, near the border with Burma. The perfect soil conditions make this garden one of the best tea producing areas in the world. Golden in the cup and with an intense flavour, with an engaging aroma and a typical malty note. Japan Benifuky organic , a black tea defined as a real rarity in Japan. The Benifuki Cultivar, created way back in 1965 in the city of Makurazaki, in Kagoshima Prefecture, is the result of the cross between two strains with different characteristics: the Benihomare, an Assamese variety found more in India and Ceylon, and the MakuraCd86, a sinensis variety most popular in China and Japan. The presence of the Assamica variety allows for leaves that are particularly suitable for processing as black tea. Its balanced flavor gives the palate notes of hazelnut and honey Organic Pai Mu , an exclusive white tea from China. The large leaves are carefully vaporized and dried, thus obtaining a tea with a delicate, unique taste, to be sipped in the afternoon. Organic green tea with an intense flavour, recalls the sen