Are you an Over 40 not happy with your skin?

Sei un Over 40 non felice della propria pelle?
I was born in 1971 and not a day goes by that someone tells me that I have beautiful skin and that I look younger than I actually am!
This is why today I'll reveal to you how an over 50 takes care of her skin!
Genetics certainly helps. I remember Grandma E. who always had beautiful skin, luminous and with just the right amount of fine lines.
The skin reflects how we are inside.
This is why I try to eat healthy, preferring seasonal products and to live by choosing quality rather than quantity
I have never smoked and every morning I eat my organic spirulina!
Spirulina, in addition to giving me energy, desire to do things and a lot of concentration, keeps my body clean from all heavy metals and my organs function better.
Then I won't deny that I rely on cosmetics.
Today I present to you the Sant'Egle organic cosmetic line.
The composition, 100% organic, was born from a personal need, dictated by the fact that I have highly sensitive and allergic skin.
Remember, the skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything it comes into contact with.
This is why it is important to use non-synthetic cosmetics, natural clothing not treated with chemicals and 100% natural detergents!
Not finding anything on the market that would sooner or later show some violent breakout on my skin , I created, thanks to the plants that grow here in Sant'Egle and a good alchemist, an organic line, personally tested on my skin.
where I explain how I can always have luminous and younger skin compared to my chronological age.
Have you ever tried to read what the products in your bathroom contain?
Do you know what you've been putting on your skin for years?
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