Organic room fragrance, 100 ml
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Home fragrances made with organically grown alcohol and organic essential oils from Sant'Egle. Choose to perfume your home and breathe real essences and not synthetic ones that are harmful to your health. The bottles are made of recycled glass, contain 100 ml of products and have the classic wooden sticks to spread the aroma into the environment. Excellent duration and persistence. The bottles are refillable thanks to the economical and ecological bio refills. ORGANIC ORANGE BLOSSOM AND ROSEMARY has an enveloping citrus and spicy fragrance thanks to the essential oils of the sweet orange blossom, cinnamon and organic rosemary of Sant'Egle. ORGANIC CHAMOMILE has a welcoming and relaxing scent thanks to Sant'Egle organic chamomile. ORGANIC LAVENDER has a balancing scent thanks to the organic lavender essential oil from Sant'Egle. ORGANIC MINT AND BASIL has a fresh and dynamic scent reminiscent of summer thanks to the organic peppermint and basil essential oil from Sant'Egle. ORGANIC MINT AND LIME has a pleasant fresh scent thanks to the essential oil of organic peppermint from Sant'Egle and lime. ORGANIC SAFFRON AND GINGER has a pleasant harmonious and spicy scent thanks to the organic saffron extract from Sant'Egle and the essential ginger oil. Ingredients: Alcohol*, Aqua, essential oil* (depending on the fragrance) *organic
Organic incense
€6,00 €10,00
Our organic incenses are made exclusively from natural products (aromatic plants, resins and essential oils), they do not contain solvents, preservatives and synthetic products. The package contains 10 STICKS ORGANIC BASIL INCENSE is recommended to increase relaxation and ward off stress ORGANIC JASMINE INCENSE stimulates relaxation and wards off stress ORGANIC CITRONELLA INCENSE relaxes the mind and wards off unwanted insects. ORGANIC LAVENDER INCENSE has calming and relaxing properties for the mind and body. ORGANIC ROSE INCENSE increases concentration, giving balance. How to use: Light the stick, place it on a suitable incense holder. Keep out of reach of children.
100% natural and organic candle, breathable
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Our candles are handmade with only natural and organic products, guaranteed breathable and therefore non-toxic. Choose between the natural fragrance-free candle or the organic candles with organic essential oils from Sant'Egle. The refined organic candles spread vibrant fragrances in every environment thanks to an enveloping and original blend of essential oils and plant extracts with relaxing and energizing notes. Composition of organic scented candles: Vegetable soy wax, plant extracts, essential oils, lead-free natural cotton wick. Weight 100 gr. The duration is 40 hours for the one without perfume and 25 hours for those scented with organic essential oils. It is recommended to extinguish them every 4 hours, for the best use.
Tea, loose organic herbal teas and organic coffee capsules
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For you who want to remember the wonderful breakfast you had during your last holiday at the Sant'Egle organic farm, from today, you can have at home Erika's special selection of organic teas and herbal teas and 100% biodegradable organic coffee pods compatible for Nespresso machines The teas and herbal teas are loose, minimum order 100 g, delivered in a paper bag. We recommend storing them in a glass jar. The biodegradable organic coffee capsules are in packs of 50.   MY FAVORITE TEA SELECTION English Breakfast organic, a strong blend of broken teas from India, Ceylon and Indonesia, with a traditional English flavour. Early Gray organic , black tea ideal for lovers of the classic and timeless taste, a perfect balance between the delicacy of the tea, citrus aroma with the characteristic bergamot flavour.Assam Satrupa organic , a black tea that grows near the Brahmaputra River in the easternmost region of Assam, near the border with Burma. The perfect soil conditions make this garden one of the best tea producing areas in the world. Golden in the cup and with an intense flavour, with an engaging aroma and a typical malty note. Japan Benifuky organic , a black tea defined as a real rarity in Japan. The Benifuki Cultivar, created way back in 1965 in the city of Makurazaki, in Kagoshima Prefecture, is the result of the cross between two strains with different characteristics: the Benihomare, an Assamese variety found more in India and Ceylon, and the MakuraCd86, a sinensis variety most popular in China and Japan. The presence of the Assamica variety allows for leaves that are particularly suitable for processing as black tea. Its balanced flavor gives the palate notes of hazelnut and honey Organic Pai Mu , an exclusive white tea from China. The large leaves are carefully vaporized and dried, thus obtaining a tea with a delicate, unique taste, to be sipped in the afternoon. Organic green tea with an intense flavour, recalls the sensations and aromas of the fascinating drinking tradition in Morocco, where the drink is considered a true expression of hospitality. Organic Sencha green tea enriched with ginger, turmeric and lemon peel is a plant native to India with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. With a full-bodied taste and oriental features, it releases light but unmistakable spicy notes. TEA AND HERBS WITHOUT THEINE (caffeine) Organic Rooibos with lemon is an amber-red colored drink typical of South Africa, where it has always been considered a real source of well-being. It is obtained from the African shrub Aspalathus Linearis; it does not contain caffeine and its pleasant flavor is reminiscent of honey. Organic Rooibos with orange and mint Cuddle herbal tea (children also like it) with rooibos, orange, mint, apple, hibiscus, rosa canina, sunflower, lemon, lemongrass, blueberries, kiwi, persimmons. Organic digestive herbal tea with citron grass and ginger, a fresh mix of ingredients that have mainly digestive power. Organic draining herbal tea with lemon grass, cinnamon, cloves, red pepper, black pepper, cardamom, pineapple, ginger Organic detox herbal tea with mate, rose hips, verbena, nettle, licorice root, ginger, rose petals, chamomile, lemon grass, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pineapple, ginger, citron herb, fennel, blackberry, apple, rosemary, willow, citrus fruit, roibo (without theine/caffeine) Organic deflating herbal tea with lemon grass fennel blackberry leaves apple cinnamon rosemary ginger willow cloves myrtle orange peel cardamom sunflower petals. Organic St. John's Wort herbal tea , helps to relax the mind and body and make dreams come true without interruptions DRINKS WITH CAFFEINE Organic Yerba Mate is rich in vitamin C and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. It also contains caffeine and this gives the drink a tonic, stimulating and rebalancing effect: it is often used to combat headaches and intestinal problems.
Organic Essential Oils, 100% pure
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Essential oils should be used diluted. You can add them to water and put them in room aroma diffusers, in a vegetable oil or body cream, in alcohol for perfumes and in the kitchen to aromatize dishes and herbal teas. If you want to use them pure, orally, we suggest you have your doctor prescribe the dosage. NEVER use pure on the skin. Are you looking for an essential oil diffuser, we bought it here! Read the properties of each single essential oil here!   5 ml bottles Products from Organic Farmhouse and Aia del Tufo Sorano Watch videos on how to make a real organic essential oil  
Organic Hydrolate, Herbal Distillate, 5 L
€100,00 €250,00
The hydrolate in a 5 litre package can be used as perfumed water for your bathroom, hot tub, as a tonic sprayed on your skin after a shower, to wash floors or even for ironing. The scent of each plant will induce your mind into total relaxation. Steam distillation is a technique that allows essential oils to be extracted from the tissue of the plant, by means of their transport by water vapour. At the end of this process two important products are always obtained: essential oil and aromatic water or hydrolate. Read the properties of individual medicinal plants here   Pack of 5 litres. Produced by Agr.Bio Aia del Tufo and Sant'Egle organic farm
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