Why do my armpits stink even if I wash them?

Per le ascelle puzzano, anche se mi lavo?
Why do my armpits smell bad even if I wash them?

Has the first heat arrived and your armpits are making themselves known?

If you also love natural deodorants but in the middle of the day you have to wash your armpits because the smell of your armpits embarrasses you, today I want to explain to you how I solved this little problem!
Whether you are in developmental age, full of testosterone or in menopause, the stink is always born the same way.
Starting from the fact that we all wash ourselves at least once a day, we normally stink when it's very hot, when we play sports, when we get angry or are under stress.
The apocrine and sweat glands in these cases produce massive quantities of apocrine secretion and sweat.
And that would be the least...
The odor problem arises due to a bacterial fermentation process.
Imagine bacteria as little animals and when so many little animals die, they stink.
Chemical deodorants have a number of heavy metals and chemicals that are harmful to our health. This diabolical composition was created to slow down the decomposition of these deceased critters.
They certainly last longer than natural ones but the glands themselves, by swelling, make us aware that these are not good for our skin.
Remember, the skin is our largest organ and everything we put on it is absorbed and metabolized by our organs. The conclusions are up to you!
But don't panic, I have the solution.
When we wash, with soap and water, we only remove part of the dead bacteria.
We therefore need to do a scrub.
I use the loofah sponge. It is a sponge that resembles a sea sponge but is made from a plant from the courgette family. It's very rough, so carefully scrape away everything that doesn't belong in the armpit.
Please don't skin yourself, do it in moderation!
I use our organic solid soap with charcoal and rosemary, anti-odour and purifying, I scrub with the loofah, I dry myself and then I put on our organic solid deodorant with Euphorbia of Sant'Egle. Our deodorant has a fragrance suitable for everyone and is specific for sensitive skin. It hydrates and is free of beeswax and bicarbonate.
What do you think, do you want to try loving your armpits and stop using synthetic deodorants that are bad for your health?
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