Do you think you are an EDUCATED person?

Pensi di essere una persona EDUCATA?
EDUCARE is a word that comes from the Latin language; ex-ducere or lead out.
Out of everything that makes us feel comfortable and apparently safe, but also still.
To educate, therefore, we need to get out of the routine that often, let's face it, we don't like because we are not healthy and happy.
The body and mind constantly tell us what stops us and doesn't make us satisfied with the life we ​​lead.
A general state of malaise is demonstrated to us, in the body through the skin, hair, nails, breath, the way we digest and defecate.
In the mind instead intolerance, impatience, anxiety, bad sleep, anger are all bells of an urgent unease.
How about starting to educate your lifestyle and take care of your body and mind?
Here are some tips that can immediately educate you to a life to be lived in its fullness and beauty.
a) Start the day well with your favorite breakfast combined with organic Spirulina which purifies your liver from waste and heavy metals.
Combine it with a seasonal fruit so that the iron contained in spirulina is conveyed in your body or alternatively a VitC capsule made of Rosa Canina di Sant'Egle.
A curiosity: one of the signs that indicate that the body does not receive an adequate supply of vitamin C is the weakening and breaking of the capillaries of the face and legs. Being a water-soluble vitamin, the body cannot store it or produce it on its own, which is why it is essential that it be introduced every day.
Don't forget also a capsule of Echinacea , which will stimulate your immune system in the change of season and you won't get sick!
b) Remember to eat raw organic seasonal fruit and vegetables at least once a day, along with your favorite foods. Conventional vegetables are all filled with poisons, given to ensure their harvest. It's called systemic treatment , it's a mandatory cycle of fertilizers and poisons, given regardless of whether the plant is sick or really needs it. What do they say, there's no way to wash them off. I'm in the plant.
c) Forget gyms with artificial lights or electronic games, spend at least 30 minutes a day in a green place ; listen to the sounds of the animals, the sound of the wind in the plants, the scent of a flower or cut grass.
d) Hug someone you love tightly and tell them what you appreciate about him or her
e) If during the day anxiety and worry assail you , get help from hypericum flowers. The capsules are practical to carry in your purse and will calm your restlessness, bringing clarity and objectivity back to your way of being.
f) Before going to bed take some time to love yourself, you deserve it!
Turn off your cell phone, put on some good music and while you wash, remove the impurities accumulated during the day by scrubbing with vegetable Luffa and one of the natural handmade soaps , rinse and still with wet skin, sprinkle all over the body, dry feet, heels, lips and face with organic St. John's Wort oil . Wait a moment and pat your skin dry with a towel. You won't need anti-wrinkle cream and skin cream, your skin will be hydrated when it's enough and you'll have silky soft skin.
Put 2 drops of organic lavender essential oil in bed, it will calm the anger accumulated during the day and treat yourself to a cup of hypericum flowers, you will have sweet dreams, all in one breath, without those annoying thoughts that keep you awake .
f) when you get up in the morning, wash off the St. John's wort from your face with natural soap because St. John's wort does not like the sun, apply the organic face cream and the organic eye contour with hyaluronic acid and cocoa butter . Everything will be absorbed instantly if you dress up to go out.
ENTER THIS POSITIVE LOOP you will see and feel results from the same day!

These are my recommendations. Take care of yourself and the people you love. Erika

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