The importance of Solidarity, + facts - words and prices accessible to all!

L'importanza della Solidarietà, + fatti - parole e prezzi accessibili a tutti!
The importance of solidarity, + facts - words and prices accessible to all
I find it partially useful to reach out to distant places when solidarity is urgently needed in our daily lives.
A particular historical moment is persevering, tremendous but full of opportunities for growth and renunciation of the superfluous.
Nonno Nanni used to say to me :- when you feel the discomfort that a difficulty brings to the surface, look at what it is teaching you, be in solidarity with the planet and those around you, this is a great opportunity to learn.

Our daily gestures must, in a no longer excusable way, turn towards a mandatory ecological transition and the construction of a new ethic.
The old economic model of consumerism that leads to intensive production that depletes the soil, transportation of out-of-season goods to the other side of the world, food waste and disposable products no longer works.
The environmental impact of this model of life is no longer acceptable nor sustainable and only YOU can be the change our world needs, if the intention is to leave it to our children.

All of us have been overwhelmed by expensive bills which have consequently increased the prices of everything but salaries have remained the same.
We at Sant'Egle are in solidarity with those who have supported us for years and in addition to taking charge of all the market increases that inevitably affect our BIO products, we want to offer this opportunity for you and for the planet throughout the month of April.
REDUCTION of the number of shipments.
This doesn't mean charging less than what a courier costs us, but placing a larger order, which will last you months.
This leads to the reduction of road transport with the consequent pollution it causes.
DISCOUNT on products you have purchased in the past, in the STOCK format with long deadlines.
As always, part of the proceeds will go to save a forest threatened by felling and the 'Il Volo' disabled center for the purchase of their lift.
For us, solidarity means helping, without asking for anything in return, as a means of changing the system, overcoming fear and all the difficulties of these times.

These are my recommendations. Take care of yourself and the people you love. Erika

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