The energy charge of plants, enclosed in a drop 🌱

La carica energetica delle piante, racchiusa in una goccia 🌱
Essential oils are excellent allies of our health.
They are beneficial substances of plant origin that can be used in aromatherapy, body massages, creams, DIY cosmetics and, with a medical prescription, orally.
Each essence has specific active ingredients, which make it effective for a series of natural remedies.
The essential oils of Sant'Egle are BIO, 100% pure, extraordinarily concentrated and, consequently, with guaranteed effectiveness.
Watch this video where you will understand how a REAL BIO essential oil is made.
Let's see together the main features:
🟢 BIO lavender essential oil: calms anxiety, relieves headaches, helps sleep in case of insomnia. It is also antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and healing.
🟢 BIO rosemary essential oil: helps concentration, strengthens the liver, purifies the air and environments, but is also able, by analogy, to purify the mind from useless thoughts and brooding. Often used in the production of natural shampoos, because it purifies and strengthens the hair.
🟢 BIO Peppermint essential oil: it has a stress reliever, refreshing and regenerative function on the psyche, it favors concentration, and is very useful in case of psycho-physical fatigue. It is also an excellent digestive, antibacterial and antiparasitic.
🟢 Timo BIO essential oil: it's an antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicotic, diuretic, balancing, inspiring. For these properties it is useful in case of infections, promotes digestion, fights tiredness, strengthens the memory and stimulates blood circulation.
🟢 BIO laurel essential oil: strengthens concentration and memory ability, develops creativity, appeases fears and anxiety and helps digestion. At the skin level it is rebalancing, excellent for dermatitis and inflammation and very effective for strengthening hair and preventing its loss.
How are essential oils used?
NEVER use pure essential oils on your skin!
They can be used diluted in water for a relaxing bath, in an aroma diffuser for environments, or combined with a vegetable oil for massages or for skin and hair care.
Carmelina , Linseed , Safflower and Hemp Oils are cold-pressed BIO vegetable oils, rich in antioxidants. Organic Hypericum oil has the power to repair and deeply nourish the skin. All are perfect when combined with essential oils, for a moisturizing and anti-aging effect.
A secret? Use vegetable oils after a shower, on damp skin.
Only in this way will the skin absorb the oil deeply. After a few minutes, just dab the skin with a towel, to have silky skin!
What are you waiting for? Order Bio essential oils and Bio vegetable oils now to use them directly on your skin!

These are my recommendations. Take care of yourself and the people you love. Erika

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