Do you want to choose only plastic free products from today?

Vuoi da oggi scegliere solo prodotti plastic free?
Thanks to the Community rules, finally from this July in Italy and throughout Europe, many of the disposable plastic products will be banned.
A civic duty that we at Sant'Egle have always felt responsible for, now becomes a legal obligation that involves everyone in the challenge of not producing plastic waste.
Tuscany at the forefront with the #ToscanaPulita project and the #PlasticFreeJuly, want not only to approach a more eco-sustainable lifestyle, but also to think before buying a product that has a plastic package.
Do you want to be part of those who choose to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging throughout the production chain?
Do you want to choose only plastic free products from today?
Make it, like us at Sant'Egle, a lifestyle, a clear and coherent mission that involves every detail of your daily gesture.
Maybe you don't know that since 2010 our ♻️ Creative Recycling project, born to clean the Maremma woods used by villains as illegal landfills, has given new life to objects, defined as 'junk', in the form of sculptures, commonly used objects, furnishings of design.
Would you like to know more?
Here in Sant'Egle we don't have plastic disposable bags, bottles, glasses, crockery, but only glass, ceramic, paper and corn.
The packaging of all our products is made of paper, vegetable fibers or recycled material.
The packages we make to ship our organic products are the result of Erika's fixation on recycling and the courier envelope is made of recycled and recyclable material.

Our Solid Cosmetics, Plastic Free, with a sustainable pack because in recycled and recyclable paper, are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.
A conscious gesture of respect for the health of your skin, your hair and the world you live in!
But why is plastic bad?
Let's talk about health.
According to university research, humans ingest at least 74,000 microplastic particles a year, coming from take-away food containers, but also from containers and the composition of soaps that are used to wash clothes, the house and our bodies.
Scientists have discovered that microplastics can cross the resistant membrane that protects the brain, can enter the bloodstream and, last but not least, pass from mothers via the placenta to their fetuses.
The soaps that come into contact with our body are therefore not only shampoo, hand soap but also washing machine soap or household cleaners.
If you choose products infused with microplastics, your skin will 'breathe and absorb' them to the detriment of your health.
And the Environment?
Plastic containers have filled the world and oceans with trash, polluting our planet, FOREVER.
It should not be thought that recycling can solve this problem.
The only option we have is to stop using (and producing) plastic containers.
Sant'Egle is a Plastic free project, the much requested and awaited solid soaps of Sant'Egle, which say NO to plastic in your bathroom!
As always we believe that the excellence of a product lies in the raw materials. This is why we have chosen our organic extra virgin olive oil as the basis for all our solid soaps.
The organic extra virgin olive oil, obtained by cold pressing and without refining, maintains its unsaponifiable action, i.e. a set of natural and very important substances to repair and soothe scalp and hair.
Thanks to its soothing, nourishing and repairing properties, organic extra virgin olive oil is very useful in cosmetics for dry and damaged scalp and hair.
But where does the basis of all quality soaps come from?
My ancestors were well-known and skilled bookbinders at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV and it was he who in 1688 ordered that the characteristics of the real Marseille soap be clearly written on paper, to protect it from imitations.
To be certain that you are buying an original Marseille soap, as always you will need to read the ingredients on the label.
Here are the original ingredients of the Sun King
  • water, olive oil and caustic soda with ZERO animal fats

  • the processing must be cold and the seasoning for at least one month.

I, who have always had delicate skin, have been washed since I was a baby by my Grandmother with Marseille soap, the very same one she used to wash clothes!
For me it has always been a precious ally for the skin because it eliminates impurities, does not dry it and softens it. It is also excellent for intimate hygiene, as it does not alter the vaginal bacterial flora.
This is how we make Marseille soap, following an artisanal process thousands of years old, preserving its quality and obtaining a product that today, as then, is unique .
Every soap we've created has a skin waiting for it.

But we have not only made 6 types of body soap, from today you will also find the volumizing and strengthening BIO shampoo and nourishing, repairing and detangling Bio Conditioner and the indispensable Luffa vegetable soap holder and saver , for all your solids that will remain dry that last a lifetime!
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