Before becoming a farmer I was an athlete and my homeopath had recommended Spirulina as an amino acid.
After starting to take it, I realized that my sports performance had improved significantly and my chronic anemia had unexpectedly recovered.
So I began to delve into the places of origin, the cultivation systems and I visited some of the major farms in Asia. This experience made me realize that the place and the farming methods make the difference between a poor quality product and a quality one.
In my studies I have discovered that Spirulina is not an alga but a cyanobacterium and that it does not grow in the sea like all algae but in fresh water. This is why I therefore decided to start growing spirulina for personal use in Tuscany in Sant'Egle, where there is no pollution in the air, the water is not contaminated and what is given to grow it is certified organic.
The result was surprising and I noticed that the amount of Spirulina I had to take to get the same results was one fifth of the capsules I bought at the pharmacy or herbalist's shop.
Some analyzes showed that the one I bought contained a large percentage of rice or fish flour as a sweetener (to make volume and/or as a glue)
Even many of my clients, after trying it, have perceived the difference.
So I decided to start an official cultivation in 2010 and so at the Sant'Egle Organic Farmhouse , in the Tuscan Maremma and we became the FIRST SPIRULINA FARM IN ITALY
It took us four years to make Artea (the Tuscan regional company for agricultural supplies) understand that spirulina could also be grown in Italy but above all that it was edible. Then it was the turn of the ASL and a 100-page tome on HACCP.
We are very proud that after all this work, which has absorbed hours, trips to Rome and many revenue stamps, we have paved the way for cultivation in Italy and now anyone can grow Spirulina!

Cultivating Spirulina is quite easy and manuals written in all languages ​​can be found online.
It is always essential to remember that what is fed to spirulina, we will re-eat it!
So beware of synthetic, chemical and harmful products for our body that you will find in the online manuals!
What distinguishes our production is the nutritional formula where we have selected only excellent quality raw materials, not harmful to our body, free of heavy metals and chemical residues.
Producing an organic spirulina, dal GOOD TASTE , WITHOUT BAD SMELL and RICH IN PROTEINS AND VITAMINS , this is the reason why we have distinguished ourselves on the world market, seeing is believing!

Our small production is in tanks where it is fed with vegetable trace elements. It is harvested on a weekly basis which varies according to the season and the climate. Being only visible under a microscope, it takes a special tissue to pick it up. Then it is squeezed and compressed in the shape of spaghetti and then dried at low temperature through an air dryer which makes it remain a raw food rich in all its properties.
For a year now, for those who don't like the flavor of spirulina, which is reminiscent of pumpkin seeds, we have found a way to chop it at low speed thanks to the cryo-crushing. This process does not overheat the product, keeping the properties of our spirulina intact. This process allows us to create vegetable capsules filled with 100% organic spirulina from Sant'Egle, without the sweeteners or adhesives typical of tablets.
Our cultivation cannot be visited due to health regulations but you can see a photo above of one of the tanks and the harvesting and drying process.

What is it for?
For students it is a source of concentration and desire to do
For anemics it is a source of iron
For vegetarians and vegans it is a source of vegetable protein, iron and vitB12
For sportsmen it is a source of essential amino acids
Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
Purifies the body of heavy metals and toxins
Before meals it gives a sense of satiety but does not change the metabolism, nor does it make you lose weight

A supplement for everyone, for every moment of the year, for every period of our life.
The beauty of spirulina is that it gives its effect the same day it is taken for this reason I always say that we remember to have it at home when we need it!


If you are looking for a SLOW holiday in contact with nature, in Sant'Egle you will find the new Bike Point which offers the passion for cycling and knowledge of the area.
Whether you have your own bicycle or you want to approach this new way of exploring a territory, you will find all these dedicated services here:

- Two protected areas of 85 m2, where you can park your bicycle in complete safety.

- Free GREEN charging station for ebikes powered by solar panels.

- Repair shop with everything you need to do bicycle maintenance.

- Bicycle washing

- E-Bike rental

- Guided tours by E-Bike with an authorized guide, in remote places of the Tuscan Maremma.

- Natural and carbonated drinking water available free of charge.

- Substantial but balanced organic breakfast complete with organic Spirulina, produced on the farm, which contains 8 essential amino acids essential for having strength that can be spent during any physical activity.

- Cold, hot drinks and organic meals at any time.

- Organic lunch in Sacco in compliance with sports diets, intolerances and food restrictions.

- Laundry

- Anti-fatigue massages and Physiotherapist

- Free GPS tracks for MTB, Gravel and road bikes.

- Recovery in case of difficulty

What are you waiting for?

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