New recipe and reflections

Nuova ricetta e riflessioni

Dear friends of Sant'Egle, today I want to share with you a reflection that has deeply touched my heart.

In these past 7 days, I have become aware of that word Common sense it doesn't have the same meaning for everyone.

Zingarelli defines it thus: "the ability to behave with wisdom and a sense of proportion, adhering to generally shared criteria of opportunity".

Two new experiences touched me deeply this week and I understood that common sense has different parameters and perceptions in human beings.

I naively thought that those who had the word 'common sense' intrinsic in their vocabulary would never harm, in any material or psychological way, any form of animal, vegetable or human life.

I've always thought that one's freedom ended when the freedom of others was somehow invaded or injured.

Tough week, dear friends, we had guests who were disrespectful of our planet and to make matters worse, we had to suffer a rave with 20,000 participants who mistreated an area inhabited by protected flora and fauna.
An event that deprived everyone of sleep for 5 long nights.

Now we just have to roll up our sleeves, clean up the mess left and hope that common sense becomes contagious.

Thank you for being part of the change, together with us at Sant'Egle.

Erika and Alexander

We thank Taste and Soul for this delicious (and beautiful) vegan recipe

Shrikkand with organic saffron from the Sant'Egle organic farm 🌸

Wanna do it?
These are the ingredients you need to prepare 2 portions ⤵️
🌱 500 g of soy yogurt
70 ml of unflavoured vegetable milk
90 g of light cane sugar
1/3 teaspoon cardamom powder
30 pistils of organic saffron from Sant'Egle
1 teaspoon of rose water
Pistachios for garnish
Put the yogurt in a colander lined with cheesecloth to drain (keeping it in the refrigerator) for 8 hours.
Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring it to a boil, lower the heat and add the sugar, stir until it has completely dissolved.
Remove from the heat, add the spices and rose water and leave for an hour.
Combine the flavored milk with the yoghurt and mix to uniform, I would obtain a dense and fragrant cream.
Pour into cups and garnish with a few pistachios coarsely chopped with a knife.
You can serve immediately at room temperature or chill in the refrigerator, according to your taste.
It keeps in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

🍾 Let's celebrate this new milestone with you!
🏆 Best Eco Friendly Hotel of 2021 in Italy, according to Travel & Hospitality Award
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