To protect the ones we love, we must protect our future. Our future is guaranteed if we have food, water and air . Resources that our planet gives us.
It's the old story of the sidewalk and the garden. Everyone keeps their own piece perfectly in order and does not push themselves to keep clean and take care of common or public spaces. In the last month I have witnessed a fire from very, very, very nearby, at a friend's house, in the Massa Marittima area. The devastation arrived in a few minutes and our effort to curb the fury of this force was in vain.
I felt disarmed to see trees, which have taken years to grow, burn like a match. It was dramatic. All because the field where the fire started had dry uncut grass and the 'cesse' had not been made, firebreak lines that should be made after the wheat threshing.
And do you know why this happens? because cultivating brings money, keeping the places clean from dry vegetation costs only money.
Fires are NEVER natural , there is always a villain who sets them on purpose or 'accidentally' with a cigarette butt or with a poorly managed barbecue. Do you want to protect our future? If you smoke , bring an ashtray with you, do not throw the cigarette on the ground, even if you think it is perfectly extinguished.
If you have a BBQ, remember to wet the area around it and extinguish it completely with water before leaving it 'alone'.
Those who love you will thank you for protecting their future.
remember the 'nice' commercial from the 80s? if you weren't born yet, watch it here!
How many of the consumers of white sugar are aware that they are eating a mixture containing lime, resins, ammonia, various acids and "traces" of sugar beets?
Produced in this way, industrial sugar is a "dead" product, harmful to our body, causing wrinkles, diabetes and loss of vitamins. Want to know more read here
There has been a valid alternative to sugar for years, with zero calories, also suitable for diabetics. It's Stevia RebA, the one that doesn't taste like licorice. Here you will find a dedicated site and many recipes.
What are you waiting for?
Summer arrives and with open shoes, feet dry out, lose elasticity and sometimes they itch but also bleed and hurt when walking.
Feet kept protected all winter long by socks and shoes are, from one day to the next, exposed to sun, dust and sweat. For this we must take care of it, exactly as we do with the skin of our face and hands. In fact, the more the skin of the foot and heel is hydrated and nourished, the easier it will be to prevent and improve the appearance of these discomforts.
An easy, fast and cheap remedy is the good habit, every evening, when you take a shower. Rub the vegetable loofah sponge on your feet, using more force on the heels and wherever the skin of the foot is thickening. Remember, cutting and removing the dead skin will only lead to the formation of calluses and thickening of the foot.
After the shower, on wet skin, apply the organic Helichrysum oil that repairs and nourishes the foot. Wait a minute and pat your foot dry with a towel.
What are you waiting for, order your Luffa Vegetale and the organic oil for topical use of Helichrysum now and send me a picture of your New feet!
For us women, capillary fragility is really not only boring, but also quite unsightly.
If you too are starting to see small bruises on your legs, even if you are not sure you have not beaten anywhere, blue, purple or red veins and you feel tired and swollen in your legs, know that there is a reason, but above all a natural remedy!
The causes can be related to stress, circulation problems, hormonal changes, overweight, a diet lacking in seasonal fruit and vegetables, clothes that are too tight, standing in the same position for a long time or a sedentary life.
To strengthen the venous walls and improve circulation, one of the most effective methods is to take Vitamin C. Eat at least 3 times a day seasonal fruit and vegetables or take the Rosa Canina di San'Egle capsules, one of the fruits nature contains more vitamin C.
Being water soluble, the body is unable to store it and our body eliminates the excess in the urine. Not being able to produce it yourself, it is essential that this vitamin is introduced every day.
Do you want to try to get better?
Dr. Mozzi recommends using organic Helichrysum oil as a natural tan, paying attention because it does not contain sunscreens.
In case you get burned, the topical remedy par excellence is organic hypericum oil.
After the evening shower, put the oil on the still wet skin, wait a minute and pat it dry with a towel. You will wake up with no sores, no pain related to sunburn.
Would you like to know more? listen to Doctor Mozzi here and order your Kit for a perfectly natural tan now.
Grandma E. always said that Salvia saves you.
The roots of this Latin word salvus or safe, confirm that Salvia cures practically all ailments including the swollen belly, which nobody likes.
Sage has several active substances such as its essential oil, flavonoids, tannins and caffeic acid. It protects the intestinal mucosa from irritations, decreasing intestinal gas.
Regularly consuming an infusion of sage can help to have a flat stomach, as it reduces abdominal swelling and phenomena related to bloating and flatulence.
Here's how to prepare the sage infusion: 250ml of water, 3 sage leaves (if you ask me for it in your order I'll send you fresh from our synergistic garden) and 1/2 teaspoon of Sant'Egle organic honey .
Boil the water and add the leaves, leave to infuse for five minutes with the lid on. Filter and add the honey. Remember, it is not recommended during pregnancy , breastfeeding and in case of gastric reflux.
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