For a period of my life I have volunteered in Public Assistance. I drove the ambulance and in addition to the emergency services that gave great adrenaline rushes, I had the privilege of accompanying many elderly people to make the usual medical visits. On the round trip I collected many pearls of wisdom, which I want to share with you today.
Pino, a colleague of Margherita (Hack) told me that when I saw a shooting star I had to think of the great astronomer Galileo (Galilei) who besides being a physicist was also a man of extrasensory perceptions. Galileo claimed that when a star fell from the sky, the Gods were listening. That's why it's customary to make a wish as a star falls.
Rita, a former primary history teacher , told me that the ancient Greeks started the tradition of when you blow out birthday candles. The smoke carries the prayers of men, up to the Gods.
Luca, a former soccer player of Calcio Storico Fiorentino , a man over two meters tall, was fascinated by ladybugs, which, according to an ancient peasant belief, were a good omen for an abundant harvest and a victory for the 'Reds', his (and mine!) Calcio Storico team!
Gino, a thin old man full of muscles told me that the Etruscans believed that birds had prophetic powers and if when I ate a chicken, the longest part of the fork of the bone remained in my hand, I would have been lucky.
Tosca, a nice lady who was always well dressed and perfumed, always showed me the four-leaf clover she found in the meadows and told me that for the Celts, of whom she was certain she descended, the fourth leaf is a symbol of strength and power, perfect for driving away evil and get lucky.
And you? do you have a memory to tell? Write to me, I love to keep them!
For you who are a HYPERACTIVE person even on vacation, I suggest you integrate your diet with Sant'Egle organic Spirulina.
70% of 100% vegetable and bio branched chain amino acids that help fast muscle recovery, iron that will give you energy and desire to do and Vit B12 that by feeding the brain will give you concentration and maybe you won't get lost among the mountain paths!
Peppermint essential oil is revitalizing, quenches thirst and refreshes the body. Put 2 drops in a liter of water and take your bottle on excursions. You will feel what goodness!
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It happens to me all the time, I don't know about you...
When I go on vacation, the first day I get sick, I get a lump on my face and I sleep for 24 hours.
Leaving on a trip causes me a lot of tension, everything I have to delegate in my absence, the things I have to bring with me and my family, the thought of having made a mistake in booking tickets. In short, the stress is high and it takes me two days to switch off, then I realize I'm on vacation.
At Sant'Egle we have the remedy for this state of agitation in which many people arrive here. The Floating. 30 minutes and you enter another mood.
The instinctive relaxation is immediate, the body relaxes and all the physical pains disappear, the head relaxes and you come out full of endorphins, with positive thoughts where you know what the really important things are.
I recommend it, wherever you go on vacation, do a Floating first and you'll really switch off.
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If you really want to make your contribution and not pollute the aquifers, rivers and our seas, we must stop buying soaps whose INCI (raw materials used to make a product) are polluting.
If you're curious how to read a label, while ironing or doing something cerebrally passive, listen to this video !
You will feel all my passion on this subject, which in my opinion they should teach in school. Well yes! knowing how to read a label is essential in order not to be fooled, but above all in order not to eat junk food or put a product on our skin that harms us and pollutes the environment.
Sant'Egle solid soaps, in addition to being well made, without any products harmful to your skin and the environment, are not packaged in plastic, so when they run out, they just run out, you don't have a pack to dispose of. 
Because remember, recycling has a cost for the environment, buying products without packaging is the only solution sustainable! 
By the way, I was about to forget myself in the heat of this topic! Soap is back in stock ANTI-WRINKLES with snail slime .
And for all vegans, know that snail slime is obtained thanks to a system that does not torture snails, on the contrary, they live their entire existence eating copiously and drooling , without being eaten by enthusiasts. 
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In the early 1900s it was customary, when it was hot, to have the servants move the entire bedroom to the garden or terrace.
At the time, in addition to defending themselves from the summer heat, they kept away from the deadly tuberculosis, which loved to spread indoors.
Now, even without pestilential diseases, how about trying this solution to cool off during these summer nights and turn off the air conditioning?
Don't forget ours MOSQUITO REPELLENT KIT and see you under the stars tonight?
My reflection aloud today concerns how much a holiday costs the environment.
As with everything, we always have a choice. By offering tourist hospitality, my intent is certainly not to make you stay at home, but to choose where, how, when and why one vacation spot has less impact than another.
The subject is delicate and I already know that I won't be able to be 100% consistent but I will do my best to give you some useful advice to reflect on your choice.
I'll ask you questions that only you can answer before making your choice.
Can you reach this place with a vehicle that pollutes less than a fossil fuel car? can you choose an accommodation that guarantees the sustainability of your project? can you choose to eat only local food and meat from animals raised in the wild? can you only buy souvenirs made with local products and artisans? can you respect flora and fauna during your tourist excursions? can you do the sorting even on vacation? can you take an empty water bottle with you and fill it up at the fountains? can you turn off lights when you don't need them and use less water to take a shower? can you not use synthetic sunscreens before bathing in natural or artificial bodies of water? can you bring an ashtray with you to collect your cigarettes? can you take from the breakfast buffet, only what you will really eat? Can you choose playful activities that do not compromise flora and fauna? can you respect the locals? 
Now that you've asked yourself all these questions, where do you choose to go on vacation? 
We ti Sant'Egle do our best to make your holiday with zero impact on the environment, also offsetting your footprint to get here.
Read why here And here.
Wherever you go on holiday, we will reach you with your order. We are also operational in August and deliveries are guaranteed within 24 hours (city), 48 hours (province) and within 3 days in the islands and Europe.
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