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today I want to talk to you about APIs that even if they periodically send me to the hospital and have been trying to kill me for a lifetime, I admire and observe... maybe a little too closely?
I appreciate their tenacity, the serene way of living in a community, the devotion to safeguarding the species, the dedication to work, the trust between them, the way they collaborate without thinking about their own Ego.
I think I like them because I see the future in them... only if humanity imitates certain behaviors. Here in Sant'Egle the bees of all those who have a hive come to drink, in our Bio_Piscina and in the Bio_Lago. Not only this year because there has always been a drought, because here, water for all the wild animals is always available.
In years like this, there are fewer flowers and the bees produce less honey. For this reason, when you go to buy honey, remember to choose only beekeepers who DO NOT STEAL THE HONEY FROM THE BEES but accept compromises and protect this precious species, without which we would not eat an infinite series of fruit and vegetables because their work would be missing of pollinators.
And yes, without the bees our eco system would go into donuts and we would be left without food.
I'll explain how intensive bee farming works. Whether there are flowers and rain or not, to make the little bees grow, they work all day to bring home pollen that will become honey, the nourishment for the little ones.
The bad guys (intensive farmers), even if there is little honey, still take it and give the bees, water and sugar which they will transform into honey (low quality) for the little ones. Logically it is like giving a baby formula instead of a mother's breast. Nourishment and antibodies are not the same and then the bees get sick and then they have to treat them with medicines and then... and then... you know how these stories don't have an end that justifies the means.
Well, now you know and therefore you have no excuses when you go to buy the next jar of honey.
Here in Sant'Egle the only honey harvested this year is that of sunflower and millefiori which have flowered abundantly, all the other honeys are from the past harvest because we have decided NOT TO STEAL THE HONEY FROM THE BEES.
Support those who work with common sense to protect the future of our planet. Order Bio honey not stolen!
we have finished pulling the organic bulbs out of our fields and are ready to ship them.
Have you prepared the field? Drought is a gift for saffron bulbs because they are free from any form of mycosis and are real 'hand grenades' ready for copious flowering next October.
You who have booked these wonders will also receive a private email. Are you ready for this new adventure?
What's better than a good fruit popsicle to fight the unbearable summer heat?
Most of those on the market contain preservatives, dyes and sugars, which we can very well do without.
Here is the recipe for 4 popsicles: 150 grams of peach compote, or strawberries, apricots or cherries, 100 ml of water , 30 grams of honey .
Preparation: pour the water into a saucepan and add it to the 30 grams of honey. Start stirring over the heat, heating well until the honey has completely melted. After a few minutes, remove the saucepan from the stove and let it cool.
Add the fruit compote of your choice and blend with an immersion blender. Now all that remains is to pour everything into the ice lolly molds and place in the freezer for at least 5 hours before enjoying them. Their taste and freshness will captivate you and children will love them too!
What are you waiting for? Choose the flavor of compote you prefer and the honey.
I SEE YOU! I know you're hooked on AperiCena, grilled with friends, fleeting sandwiches and little desire to cook.
DON'T PANIC I understand you, even I eat badly in the summer because the heat makes me lose the desire to cook and to eat healthy, you need to have an active and non-smoking brain. For this reason, don't stop eating spirulina in the summer, it's essential to purify yourself from the excesses induced by laziness. If you can, have a nice centrifuge of seasonal fruit and vegetables perhaps with some bitter salad or field herbs and then add your daily dose of summer spirulina, rich in chlorophyll and loaded with protein and iron!
Are you left without? Perhaps we are among the few in Italy who have not raised prices, despite the fact that costs have increased for everyone. Take advantage of it as long as we 'hold'! 
If you're a professional snorer like me, everything gets more complicated in the summer.
In addition to disturbing those who have decided to live with you, despite everything, we also tend to disturb the neighbors who perhaps, in a condominium with tissue paper walls, the heat and mosquitoes, also become quite aggressive and rude.
To avoid these unpleasant situations, I suggest you try St. John's wort. Before going to bed it will relieve insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring and always tired legs syndrome.
Then let me know what the neighbors say ;-)
Here are 3 natural and organic remedies to keep annoying mosquitoes away from you and not to scratch after being stung!

Mix 5 drops of each essential oil in 100ml of one of our antioxidant oils or our body cream and sprinkle your body after shower, on still wet skin.

Alternatively you can put them in diffuser for environments in your home.

If, on the other hand, you have been stung, put a drop (no more, not on the face!) of lavender essential oil directly on the bite, it will relieve the itching.

It seems trivial but things can be done good or bad, good or bad, simply by putting passion into it.
Passion always brings beauty. And beauty brings harmony and welcoming places.
Have you ever tried to pick up an object thrown away by others from a dumpster? Thus giving new life with a gesture of creative recycling?
Publish photos of your creative 'rescues' on our social channels, you will stimulate others to do so and landfills will not dispose of precious finds.
Let yourself be inspired by our creations, come and visit us in Sant'Egle.
May Beauty be with you!
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