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Pelle di seta
Summer skin needs to be hydrated and protected but has the euphoria of seeing ourselves more colorful made us forget to do it?
The sun decreases the efficiency of the skin barrier, causing a greater loss of water for this reason the skin needs to be nourished like in the middle of winter.

If you see your skin dull, dehydrated and with lighter expression lines around the eyes that look like a cat scratch, it's time to take care of it!
Since I, too, preach well and then scratch badly and being over 50 I can no longer count on my past youth, I thought I'd do the right thing, creating a shock KIT to take control of (my) skin situation neglected!

Having said that, here is the perfect kit to get back to having glowing, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin that reminds me of my (real) age!
DETOX IN shall we start by eliminating all the heavy metals present in the body thanks to the excesses we have done this summer?
3 capsules of Sant'Egle organic Spirulina are enough, in the morning for breakfast with a seasonal fruit juice.
DETOX OUT take two tablespoons of crunchy organic spirulina from Sant'egle and add two tablespoons of warm water, mix until it becomes a cream and spread it on your face and neck, wait 15 minutes and rinse.
ANTI-WRINKLE SHOWER use our solid soap with evo oil and snail slime. Evo oil restores the right pH of the skin and snail slime is a powerful anti-wrinkle
HYDRATE AFTER THE SHOWER in the evening, apply St. John's Wort oil on wet skin. It will help you repair your skin damaged by the sun, small lesions and fine lines. For the body use our organic cream with extra virgin olive oil. Evo oil has the same PH as our skin, which is why it restores its right balance in a natural way. Put cocoa butter with our extra virgin olive oil, you will wake up with very soft lips.
HYDRATE IN THE MORNING wash away the hypericum oil, which is photo sensitive and could stain your skin with the sun, with solid anti-wrinkle and moisturizing snail slime soap, apply the organic nourishing Anti-aging cream with our extra virgin olive oil, put around the lips, on the neck and around the eyes, the eye contour with hyaluronic acid and a final touch of organic kacano butter with extra virgin olive oil that will leave your lips soft throughout the morning.

For my birthday, Alessandro and I went to a starred restaurant near Sant'Egle.
I had never eaten starred dishes thinking they were a big waste of money.
But I changed my mind. It is a cuisine that touches the sensitive side of our brain. A divine experience that moves the soul.
You'll think I'm joking but really! when I tasted certain flavours, new to my palate, I was moved with joy.
A small pearl that the Chef gave us as a gift was the vegetable caviar, made with these Tuscan black lentils.
A truly original dish, with a surprising and ethical flavour. They were served in recycled Beluga packaging and I guarantee you that it took me a while to realize that it was a legume!

Here is the recipe to leave your guests speechless
Instead of boiling lentils as is done with all legumes, it will therefore be 'risotto'
take a saucepan and put some extra virgin olive oil in it, let it heat up for a moment and add the lentils. Let them flavor and lightly toast and begin to blend with the fish broth , as you do with a risotto.
Make sure that the lentils are always covered by the broth and after about 15/20 minutes they will be ready. Filter the excess liquid and serve them in a precious container and let me know!

Want to try them?

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