Will you pay for water for the price of soap?

Paghereti dell'acqua al prezzo di un sapone?
Did you know that liquid soaps such as shampoo, shower gel and conditioner have up to 80% water?
Today I would like to explain to you why it is very wise to buy solid soaps!
First of all you are doing good for the planet , in fact solid soaps do not have bulky plastic packaging but they are used down to the last bit and there is nothing to throw away or recycle
You use less , solid soaps make a nice foam when first rubbed on the sponge and you don't have to use handfuls of liquid which then gets lost in the sewers and then into the sea.
It is practical , because it is small, you can take it anywhere, to work, to the gym but also with the restrictions that exist on the plane
Lasts up to 5 times longer than liquid!
As you may have understood, I love solid soaps, I have always used them and I have created a new line where nothing is missing!
You will find shampoo, conditioner, many body soaps that improve the health of your face and body skin, shampoo + conditioner for beards and mustaches from the beautiful Hipsters, intimate cleanser and deodorant! Check it out here!
All strictly BIO, Vegan, not tested on animals, gluten-free, parabens, nickel, silicones, petrolatum, Sls, Sles and dyes.
Our soaps are handmade, artisanally made, with EVO oil, essential oils, medicinal and medicinal plants that grow in Sant'Egle.
Remember that if you leave solid soaps in the classic soap dish, in contact with water, they will melt and you will throw away the product and money.
For this reason we also have our organic loofah , a vegetable sponge that keeps the soap raised, creating an air gap that always keeps it dry.
Plus you can use the loofah to scrub your face and body!
It's fantastic and biodegradable!
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