The first organic salt is made by Sant'Egle

Il primo Sale Biologico lo fa Sant'Egle
If you have salt in Pumpkin, choose a quality salt!
In 2010 we received an award from the WWF as the best farmhouse in Italy for sustainability and biodiversity conservation.
Thanks to this event we came into contact with many organizations based in the various WWF oases in Italy.
One of them was the salt pan of the WWF oasis of Trapani, in Sicily, from which we bought salt to use in our salt water bio_pool and beyond!
At the Oasis I met Concetta who enlightened me on the truths of salt and from there my passion was born (Alessandro says I'm obsessed!) for salt!
Let me start by saying that I have always hated salt because my father always abused it in his cooking.
In rejection I have always cooked, according to others, bland!
Luckily we change in life and I have to thank Concetta who told me:
Table salt does not exist in nature. What we sell here is bought to be stripped of all its precious components to make food supplements, then it is chemically bleached to make it immaculate white and then it is iodized again to look like a salt that comes from the sea.
Concetta made me understand that salt, yes the one in the cardboard box, with iodized salt written on it, is one of the many refined products born in the era of industrialization that our body does not recognize as nutritious because it is so refined by chemistry and stripped of any useful element for making multivitamin tablets that we buy in the pharmacy, which our body just doesn't want and shows the harmful effects that lead us not to eat salt.
MADNESS don't you think?
And here's my fixation for salt!
Today I'll introduce you to the best salt that exists in nature!
The fleur de sel, which comes from the WWF oasis of Trapani, a pristine marine park, a slow food presidium to which I have added our precious medicinal herbs, traditionally medicinal.
From today here is the first organic salt on the Italian market!
It's called ORGANIC FLOWER SALT , it is harvested for only two months a year.
It forms on the surface of the water and expert salt workers collect it during the early hours of the morning, when there is no wind, otherwise it falls to the bottom of the tank.
Fior di sale is not subjected to any type of chemical processing or treatment.
It's how nature creates it.
Its grains are approximately 3 millimeters in size and melt when in contact with warm and hot foods.
It is and MUST be moist, a guarantee that the iodine present is 100% natural and not added thanks to chemistry, like that in iodized salt.
Today it is considered a very precious and rare commodity, whose delicate flavor has nothing to do with table salt.
As well as being good, it has all the properties present in sea water and supports the functioning of our organism in an exceptional way.
I'll also quickly tell you about the physical and neurological benefits of Fior di sale
The fleur de sel contains iodine, magnesium, potassium and other trace elements essential for the body
Keep blood pressure levels stable.
It plays an important role in fluid exchange and helps reduce water retention.
It functions as a conductor of electricity and transmits nerve impulses at a neurological level.
Counteracts dehydration, the appearance of cellulite and edema.
Finally, it detoxifies and purifies the tissues.
You will feel how good it is, it has a delicate flavor that does not leave a bitter aftertaste, therefore it is mainly used in gourmet cuisines.
You will use very little of it both in savory and sweet recipes!
What are you waiting for to taste a REAL and ORGANIC SALT?
Watch my video and order now!

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