We're so used to turning on the tap at home and seeing the water come out that we don't give weight to this luxury.
Without going to third world countries, just a stone's throw from Sant'Egle, there is the Sugherella spring , where all the inhabitants of the area, up to 50 years ago, went with the donkey to get water for home . This summer it is clear that water is scarce and ducks and birds of all breeds, as well as not floating, have nothing to drink. To help all wildlife survive, we need to make a small gesture with a big impact on the ecosystem.
Whether you live in a condominium or in full house, create a space where there is always water. In this way you will give the possibility to bees, birds and all life forms to quench their thirst.
It just takes a bit of goodwill. Take a bowl, a coaster, a saucer, put a stone inside that comes out of the water level (it's used to keep small animals from drowning who want to drink) and then what? change the water every day and give the remaining water to a plant.
I know you can!
I know, you answered yes! 
And of course, who wouldn't want to stay with healthy organs and a body that shouldn't be 'contained' in a one-piece swimsuit? There is an antioxidant kit, with Omega 3 and Omega 6 serving precisely this purpose!
The Kit I made for you contains organic Sant'Egle saffron, winner of the first prize for best saffron in Italy, which lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood + organic hemp oil, which in addition to having a very good of hazelnut, it is rich in OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and Vitamin E. 
It therefore has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant power, controls cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, lowers blood pressure and reduces cardiovascular risk.
It is an antioxidant, it protects against damage caused by free radicals and food toxins, pollution, smoke and UV rays. In practice, this oil is essential in the summer, especially for those who love to brown in the sun who, you know, age their skin. 
Enough 3/5 pistils and a sugar spoon of hemp oil a day to stay young and healthy.
What are you waiting for? Order now here!
When I lived in Florence, I was famous among the shopkeepers in the historic center because I always refused the envelope they forced me to give, even for a small piece of fried polenta. I went around with a basket that my grandfather Nanni had made for me.
At the time, I'm talking about the 90s, cotton bags weren't yet in fashion and therefore yours truly was looked at as a country lout.
This 'fixation' has become, if God wills, now a trend but there are still people who ask me for the bag when they come to our Bio_Shop. No comment! 
My intent is to persevere in this change AGAINST waste. For this reason, all our products are packaged with production waste or recycled and infinitely recyclable paper.
Do you want to be part of the change, read how many things you can do. 
Because remember, small gestures can change the world and it is the consumers who play the good and bad game of the companies that work to improve our presence on this planet.
Many believe that only vegetarians and vegans should supplement VitB12. From experience I advise you to request, when you do the annual blood test, to know your B12 level.
The classic symptoms of a lack of this precious vitamin are tiredness despite sleeping regularly, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, anemia and tingling of the hands and feet.
Like VitC, our body is unable to synthesize VitB12, so it must be taken. The food that contains the most is red meat, followed by fish and you can find a minimal part of it in dairy products. But to absorb it, the body needs a glycoprotein produced by the stomach.
Basically if you suffer from pernicious anemia, gastritis or have had bariatric surgery, the stomach is unable to produce this glycoprotein and in addition to not absorbing it, it will eliminate it without being able to be used.
Sant'Egle's organic Spirulina contains VitB12 with which, the undersigned, has re-established its low B12 value. What are you waiting for to feel better, order the format you prefer here now!
Just completed a tour of Sant'Egle with this weekend's guests. Curiosity towards change and the desire to live in a better world spurs me on in this project of life and sharing.
BIG changes are obtained from SMALL gestures and during the guided tour of the Sant'Egle eco-sustainable project, I like to think of leaving a seed in people's heads, which will slowly germinate and make its way towards daily gestures of awareness and change. Useless clichés that fold 'the faults' or 'solutions' to others.
DOING is the watchword and if you want to be inspired, I'll wait for you to tell you how.
Book your holiday in Sant'Egle , you will come back changed! Remember the proceeds are completely donated to a project in which we believe a lot, namely that of buying forests threatened by cutting to save the animals that live there, protect biodiversity and the oxygen they create.
Being light doesn't mean being superficial, actually! Since we have a sensory deprivation tank (Floating) in Sant'Egle, I feel lighter, more serene and tolerant.
The wonder of this experience is that you come away with a great truth, which is what are the really important things in your life, everything else, it's fluff , as my friend Veronica G. La says crap it only brings bad moods, anger, grudges and consumption of vital energy. Important things, on the other hand, lead to being happy with a great desire to laugh over (or in the face of) the situation that glooms us.
If you've never tried and don't know floating, I highly recommend it, you'll wonder why you haven't done it sooner! Read and book here!
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