Metaphor of change, awareness and transformation.

Metafora di cambiamento, presa di coscienza e trasformazione.
I love listening and observing people and I wonder why they expect things to change, even if they continue to do the same things.
It is a fact, we are in a global crisis which affects every single aspect of the survival of the planet and of the man who inhabits it.
💡 So why don't we follow the advice of the wise Einstein who understood that the crisis is a great blessing because it only leads to progress?
Remember the famous glass half full. Everyone praises it but then, when you go into 'crisis', it empties.
💣 It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies explode.
👉 The various changes arise from anguish, exactly as the day is born from the dark night.
Anyone who overcomes a crisis, whether global or personal, overcomes himself without ever being overcome.
Those who attribute their failures to the crisis violate their own talent and give more value to problems than to solutions.
🌈 From today I invite you to embark on the journey of your change, where the journey will be more important than the destination.
When it comes to itineraries, flights to places on the other side of the globe immediately come to mind, but the beauty lies in small daily journeys.
The trip must be planned in advance, but also changed on the run. Let yourself be surprised, it will take you where you wanted to go.
🏃 The important thing is therefore to move and consequently change on the basis of the historical moment or one's own 'crisis'.
You don't need to go far or even move, what matters is being able to change your perspective and point of view.
From each itinerary we will come back different, better, enriched by experience and encounters. What is certain is that we won't be the same again.
Do you want to leave with me towards change, an awareness, a transformation that will save us all?
Take care of resources, don't waste them, find alternatives
Take care of the planet, keep all places clean, not just your home
Make conscious purchases, say NO to disposable items
Read books, talk and eat with people who are different from you, open your mind
Choose to walk in nature at least 30 minutes a day, instead of locking yourself in a gym, the endorphins will take over
Use sustainable means whenever you can, avoid the car to travel a few km
Fix what's broken, don't contribute to a planet full of waste
Make separate collection, recycle, is the salvation of future generations
Visit unfamiliar places near where you live, avoid planes
Zero km magic, support small BIO producers, who keep the land fertile, avoid intensive agriculture
Buy from shops and artisans, avoid shopping malls
Support the circular economy, don't buy (polluting) products that come from the other side of the world
Eat organic, take care of your body
To help you in this process, I'm here to give you real-life insights to take each step easily and spontaneously.
And to be consistent, we at Sant'Egle, in addition to NOT having increased prices in this crazy historical moment, want to give EVERYONE the opportunity to EAT HEALTHY and TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY.
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