Nonno Nanni, who was a 'fake farmer' like me, that is, he had chosen to go and live in the countryside, moving from Florence as an adult, told me that Settimo, his right-hand man for the important work on his land, had been the seventh of 11 children of a family of sharecroppers. Settimo was convinced that zero was worth nothing, in economic terms I mean. My grandfather was a schoolteacher and he was good with numbers. It took years for Settimo to realize that 'his master' had deceived his sharecropping family, for years. This ancestral heritage has convinced us that zero does not have much value and we do not give real and objective importance to words such as zero pesticides, zero interest, zero waste, zero emissions, zero co2, zero conflicts of interest, zero heavy metals , etc etc etc I'm telling you this because I see every day the superficiality and inconsistency with which the Zero still has too little value. I was shocked this week because, like everyone else, I was dealing with a five-fold electric bill. Although it is a theme that is touching everyone's pockets, I have had guests who have chosen a holiday in a zero impact farmhouse on the environment, for which I have had to cyclically turn off the lights left on in the room. Now not because already in 2010 we were farsighted to be energetically independent with photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, that energy should be wasted ... the week continued with the antithesis of 'Zero Waste' with a request from 'boroni', as they say in Bologna. They offered me more money to light up our bread oven, to cook 4 pizzas... that is, they wanted me to burn enough wood to make 100 pizzas, for a personal whim, regardless of waste and environmental impact.
My question this week at this point is: _ do we want to start being consistent between what we say and the choices we make?
Let me know what you think, I care!
Until 19 September you can make your voice heard to the European Commission which has presented a proposal on pesticides. A proposal that if not stopped takes a step back towards the health of citizens, even if they eat BIO.
The directive says that the online purchase of pesticides will no longer be prohibited. If the proposal passes, it will be possible to use any chemical product just 3 meters from sensitive areas such as organic crops, inhabited centers and surface waters, with the consequent contamination. Aerial application will be facilitated and no signs will be required to warn passers-by that the agricultural area has been treated with pesticides. In practice we leap back towards madness and all the efforts made in recent years to protect biodiversity, areas with organic crops, will have been in vain. Everything would go against human health and towards the devastation of the planet. The agrochemical lobby is trying to make this regulation even more dangerous, so it's really important that you make your voice heard at this stage.
Do you think it's time to make your voice heard?
Here's what to do:
1- download the counter-proposal drafted by AltragricolturaBio
3- go down to the page that opens and click on the yellow button on the left "send comment"
4- create an account (if you don't already have one) and click again on 'send document'
5-select the Italian language and write your expectations in the comment box, what you believe is right for your health and the planet and attach the file you downloaded. Fill in the last required data and press SEND.
What do you think, do you want to fight with us for your health and for future generations?
I'm proud of you and share your gesture on social networks!
Sant'Egle's Spirulina is grown in tanks, which is why the soil is not depleted, it eats vegetable trace elements, grows thanks to the sun and its extraction is done with solar energy. know you?
It is considered the food of the future because to produce 1kg of Spirulina which feeds with its 70% protein, 6 square meters of land are occupied, without depleting it. Evaluate that to produce 1kg of Soya with its 34% of protein 16m2 of land are occupied and impoverished. To produce 1kg of Corn with its 9% of protein 22m2 of land are occupied and impoverished. To produce 1kg of intensively farmed beef with its 20% protein, 190m2 of land are occupied and devastated. Spirulina also transforms CO2 into oxygen ready to be breathed! Through its natural process of photosynthesis spirulina feeds on CO2, transforming it into oxygen. In fact, every kg of spirulina produced absorbs 1.8kg of CO2, transforming it into 1.8kg of oxygen. To cultivate Spirulina, 1/3 of the water is needed compared to Soy, 1/6 compared to wheat, 1/50 compared to beef. To give a practical example, 6.5 kilos of grains, 36 kg of straw and 155 liters of water are used to produce one kilo of beef. The water footprint is equivalent to 15,400 litres. Raising one animal requires 5,000 cubic meters of drinking water, the equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools. Yes, you read right, eating Spirulina does not deplete the Earth's resources but it helps them!
Although energy costs have gone completely crazy, thanks to our photovoltaics we are able to keep the cost of our Spirulina stable and say NO to this global speculation where everything is increasing in price.
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