As a child, at school, I was given the opportunity to choose whether to follow the religion class or to study religions. Having always had a curious soul, that was the beginning of my passion for theology and the science of religions.

The origin of All Saints Day and Halloween is Samhain which means, end of summer.

It was born 400 years BC thanks to the Celts. It was their New Year's Eve where winter was welcomed and the dead could return to Earth to settle the loose ends with the living.

The Priests, called Druids , on this special day, made big fires with divinatory practices, rituals and predicting the future. The colors associated with Samhain were orange, to honor the harvest and black, a symbol of winter's darkness. Like all Pagan traditions, they were feared by the Catholic Church and in the 7th century Pope Boniface IV decided to transform this ritual into a Christian event.

The tradition of carving pumpkins also comes from the Celts. They made monstrous faces out of potatoes, turnips and beets to keep bad spirits away. They didn't use gourds, because they were brought from the Americas only after 1492. The custom of trick-or-treating was also widespread among the Celts. In fact, they left food and drink out in the open as offerings to supernatural beings, to avoid being possessed by them.

I always find it very exciting to light a fire on the night of October 31st and watch the sparks rise, thinking about how to make this life, quality, aware that sooner or later it will end, because it is a natural cycle.

I think that being proud, coherent, honest and sincere in what we do every day allows us to welcome death with serenity.

This is why I invite you to light a fire or a candle on the night of October 31st, take a deep breath, close your eyes and FORGIVE.

Forgive yourself and let go of all the buts and buts

Forgiving those who cause us anger, explaining to them why they hurt us

Forgiving those who are already dead, but we didn't have the time or the courage to tell them

It is a splendid gift that you will give yourself, because Forgiveness means giving yourself a gift

Happy Samhain, All Saints' Day, Halloween, whatever you call it 

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