Honesty always pays off

L'onestà premia sempre
My dear friend Tiziano Terzani once said:_
let's do more of what's right instead of what's convenient for us. We raise children to be honest, not smart.
I grew up with this ideal and I feel really lucky that I haven't lost my childish side that makes me see a world full of beautiful people... at least until they decide to prove otherwise.
This is to tell you that being distrustful regardless only leads to missed opportunities for new knowledge.
Following this philosophy of life, many of the reviews on our way of welcoming guests or responding to our customer care , underlined the fact that we are honest people , who always tell the truth and don't pull, as they say in Tuscany, to do flab , or sell even if it is not needed, just to earn a few euros more.
For some years, here in Sant'Egle, we have invented a system where guests can eat and drink, helping themselves, as if they were at home, marking what they have consumed and paying at the end of their stay.
Because remember, honesty ALWAYS pays off
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The body is unable to store it or produce it and for this reason it is important to eat raw seasonal fruit and vegetables or integrate with our Rosa Canina in capsules.
Especially if you smoke or have a thyroid that doesn't work as it should, doctors recommend taking up to 30% more VitC than the average.
During the summer it prevents burns, rashes and counteracts the sensation of heat, keeping the body temperature constant. 
Last but not least, it supports the body's defenses that if it's strong, it doesn't get sick and stays away from this boring virus, which doesn't want to say goodbye.
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With the mouth? wrong answer!
The skin is the largest and most efficient organ we have.
For this we must wash our clothes with detergents without chemical products, wear natural fabrics that have not been chemically colored, wash and sprinkle our body only with BIO products.
We have the opportunity to exploit this huge surface to effectively take on one of the minerals essential for our survival, MAGNESIUM.
In Sant'Egle you can have a floating experience by immersing yourself in water at body temperature, saturated with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate).
In 30 minutes of session, in addition to achieving deep mental relaxation, your body will regenerate completely starting from the central to the peripheral nervous system, from the cardiovascular system to the intestine, from the bones to the muscles.
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When ' you grow up ' as they say here in Maremma, you tend to forget things.
My theory is that the more you grow, the less red meat you eat (I'm talking about omnivores) and since VitB12 is in large doses mainly in red meat, you tend to become deficient. VitB12 feeds the brain and we realize that we are deficient in it when the short memory becomes very short and we forget everything, from what that little restaurant was called, to what we had to get at the supermarket.
VitB12 not only serves to maintain balanced brain function, but is essential for the production of serotonin and norepinephrine, mood regulators which, if out of balance, can ease anxiety, tension and stress, resulting in excessive sweating even at night.
And here is the natural remedy! Sant'Egle Bio Spirulina which contains VitB12. There are long debates on the web about the real usability of this vitamin in plants. I tell you my experience of chronic B12 deficiency, which I filled thanks to Spirulina! This is one of the many reasons why I have been breeding him since 2010!
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Fruit this year is amazing! With our low temperature cooking method, you will feel the taste of the fruit just picked from the tree, without mimicking and confusing with so many ingredients to give color, flavor and texture!
While stocks last, all our compotes are made with only organic fruit, with no added sugar!
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I think I'll catch you under the umbrella today with this message?
I know you're wondering:_ But what if I had made myself a nice cold pasta with ancient grains, bronze-drawn at low temperature, instead of leaning on the indigestible crush (even after a Coke) which cost me €20?
The beauty of cold pasta is that you cook it, put in good oil and leave it to cool. You put it in the fridge and every day you take a portion of it, season it, with a cherry tomato, cheese and rocket, or some pesto or empty the fridge, there are delicious things in there, I know!
Then you put it in a container with a cap and take it everywhere, even under an umbrella!
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