Update from the fields

Aggiornamento dai campi
It's been a week of FIRE here in the fields of Sant'Egle and despite the fact that we get up at dawn and we're on the ball until sunset, the hours are always missing, even to write to you!
And so I change perspective, put my nose up, in the neighbor's wheat field and I'll tell you everything that's going on in my little head and that I absolutely have to tell you!
Today I want to tell you how to save water, how to prepare the ground for your saffron bulbs we are about to ship, but which you can still order , how to change thanks to a holiday, how to recover your hair if you are KO and why we are celebrating together with the whole LGBTQ+ world
you know by now, I'm a pragmatic person, I don't like clichés and controversy for its own sake. This is why I love finding small solutions to big problems. I've always respected water, perhaps because I've seen it taken away from villages in Southeast Asia to give us energy, when the village itself didn't even have a light bulb. We are water, we live thanks to water, our food grows with water. For this we must be sparing of it. One piece of advice I feel like giving you today is to mulch wherever you water regularly, from the flower pot on the balcony to more important crops. Covering the soil with any organic material (straw, leaves, wood shavings, etc) will ensure that the soil is not 'burned' and depleted by the sun. In this way, in addition to remaining more fertile, it will 'dehydrate' less and the mulch itself will absorb the dew of the night, releasing it during the day. With this method, here in Sant'Egle we water once every 10 days.
Do you want to try it too?
Starting next week we start bringing out the organic saffron bulbs you booked and I was wondering, have you prepared the ground?
If you haven't done it, DON'T PANIC, you still have time to do it and if you've lost the manual, reply to this email and I'll send it back to you!
It happens that someone books and then changes their mind and we try to re-sell the bulbs to make money for this farm.
What are you waiting for?
Buy NOW a few more bulbs for your cultivation or start this wonderful adventure. Remember that saffron is also grown in pots!
Do you get up in the morning and would you go back to bed after breakfast? Do you go get pasta in the pantry and come back empty-handed ? Do you stick your head in the fridge but don't feel like cooking yourself something?
It's a fact, summer kills you.
You've been putting off too long. It's time to start taking Sant'Egle's organic Spirulina which will bring you back to your right vitality!
What are you waiting for?
(not of gold coins)
Many tell us that Sant'Egle is an enchanting place. I always answer that it is so thanks to the journeys we have made in our lives, the people we have met and the many guests to whom we have opened the doors of this ancient customs house who have inspired us with their experiences, defeats and stories. Sant'Egle is made up of the people in our lives.
This is why traveling has always been synonymous with openness, new cultures, enrichment of the soul. We love to offer this, during a holiday in Sant'Egle, inspiration, growth, new perspectives for a better future, without making glaring gestures but making small changes in the sometimes clumsy routine of our intense lives.
We are waiting for you for an exchange of ideas, perspectives and illuminations. Feel free to leave the clichés at home, we have plenty of them ;-)
There are still some free rooms for the month of July, we are waiting for you, book here!
The Sant'Egle organic farm has always been an LGBTQ+ friendly structure.
Here you will find an openness towards civil rights and diversity.
This is because we are a couple with a natural inclination to be inclusive, tolerant and progressive.
Here are 3 natural and organic remedies to keep annoying mosquitoes away from you and not to scratch after being stung!
Mix 5 drops of each essential oil in 100ml of one of these antioxidant oils or ourbody lotion and sprinkle over your body after a shower, on still wet skin. Alternatively you can place them in a room diffuser in your home. If, on the other hand, you have been stung, put a drop (no more, not on the face!) of lavender essential oil directly on the bite, it will relieve the itching.
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