The most magical week of the year

La settimana più magica dell'anno
One of the main reasons why I escaped to my hometown, which is beautiful Florence and arrived in Maremma in 2009, is the ancestral attraction towards the Etruscan people and all the Pagan traditions still present in this magical land.
From today begins one of the most MAGICAL weeks of the year where respecting tradition bears fruit!

Today is June 21st and with the solstice we enter summer.

A stone's throw from Sant'Egle there is a prehistoric astronomical observatory dated 2500 BC where the sun appears in an artificially dug fissure in one of the megalithic rocks of this MAGICAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE . This sacred place is called Poggio Rota . I love going there, to salute the sun, light a breathable candle and burn some essential oils from our plants

This is how I welcome the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer. And what are you doing today on this unique day?

the night between June 23rd and 24th is a MAGIC NIGHT and all over the world, in different traditions and cultures, many peoples, without ever speaking, all collect wild herbs that they leave all night in the light of the moon and the dew of the night, will give life to the Sant Giovanni Water with healing and protective virtues. The water will also bring health, luck and love.
We of Sant'Egle, on the night of San Giovanni, light a fire and perform propitiatory and purifying rites.
For all orders that will arrive over the weekend, I will send the DEW OF THE GODS made here in Sant'Egle AS A GIFT, just ask for it in the notes of your order.
On June 24th, since the Middle Ages, the Women of Medicine collected the flowers of Hypericum to make relaxing and antidepressant herbal teas and Oleolito to treat the skin from bacterial infections and burns.
St. John's wort is a powerful flower, perhaps this is precisely why its historical memory has not been lost. Listen to my video , I'll explain everything about hypericum and reveal my secret recipe.
But if you don't want to do self-production, order on our shop the herbal tea, the capsules and the St. John's Wort oil! What are you waiting for?
June 24th is San Giovanni, the perfect time to make Nocino, but also the name day of Nonno Nanni who loved Nocino so much from Nonna E.
Today I want to give you the recipe for the best Nocino in the world, it's ORIGINAL from my family!
First of all we need a good alcohol. If you buy the one from large retailers, it's full of pesticides. I use this Bio_Alcool , a little more expensive but it has no rubbish inside :-)
Put on gloves, otherwise you have to wait for the skin of your hands to shed to take off the black that your husks release! Pick the husks on June 24th, not a day before, not the day after and then write me an email, I'll send you the recipe handwritten by my Grandmother ;-)
Soups are always thought to be something wintery and yet you can let them cool, put them in a tupperware and take them to work or the beach.
Season them with pesto, oil and cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of good oil and let yourself be surprised!
What are you waiting for? Order now!
Were you curious about spirulina cultivation?
No sooner said than done!
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