Today I want to share with you one of my many obsessions, on which I do not accept compromises.
Since I can remember if someone gives me a bouquet of flowers, I sadden.
If I see someone cutting a flower, I get angry.
If I notice someone plucking a flower from a meadow and fiddling with it until it withers in their hands, it makes me cry.
You will think that I am exaggerating but I have always believed that if you really want to make a romantic gesture and give someone a flower, it must have roots.
The roots are there life of a plant, if it has them, it can feed, flower, wither, make seeds and endlessly reborn.
In my opinion who gives cut flowers, doesn't really want to commit with the person to whom he gives them.
It is like a passionate fire which, however, has a precise duration, destined to end.
If, on the other hand, a person gives a plant with roots, he knows he is giving a mutual commitment for life.
Yes, a plant is a living being and when you give it as a gift, you know that the person who receives it will have to take care of it forever. without laziness or forgetfulness. A serious commitment indeed.
Cutting a flower I find is a really selfish act and see the flower die in a vase of water, a very sad sight.
Dear Alessandro, knowing when I like the flowering of plants with roots, has never dared to give me a bouquet of flowers but, every year, plant a row of sunflowers.
You can't imagine mine joy when you give the seeds collected the year before, I see my sunflowers sprouting.
I wait with the frenzy of a little girl to see them blossom and turn like crazy in search of the sun!
I remember a line from the film ' Life is Beautiful' which gave me confirmation that the sunflower is really my favorite flower!
Here it is: Look at the sunflowers: they bow to the sun, but if you see one that bows a little too much it means it's dead. You are serving, but you are not a servant. Serving is the supreme art. God is the first servant; He serves men, but he is not a servant of men.
In the dark moments of my life, I always take an example from the sunflower that raise your head, without fear of consequences and always look towards its ray of sunshine.
We should always do like sunflowers. Only turn around for what really matters.
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