Ever since I can remember people have loved talking to me.
I've always suspected I have one of those scrolling led lettering with the day's promo on the font, but with 'confessional' written above it.
I was always between perplexed and scared that perfect strangers could tell such profound and intimate facts to a perfect stranger.
Then life makes you slam your face in front of your purpose.
I remember an illuminating encounter with a little man, with a funny and awkward appearance that did not appear due to his profound intellect.
He witnessed a 'confession' of a gentleman with whom I was in line to buy an ice cream, who 'kidnapped' me for more than an hour, telling me a personal and shocking fact.
The little man giggled with his eyes and when my captor's monologue ended, he came over and said to me, what you say is wise because you have the gift of listening.
Remember only those who know how to listen have the privilege of being able to speak.
Today I want to tell you this anecdote because since this particular historical moment began, I have virtually met many people, like you, who have told me their lives, emotions, sensations and asked many questions.
Some of the questions I've been asked are similar, so today I want to ask your opinion on two projects, based on listening and advice, that I would like to carry on this winter.
They are projects designed for you and for this reason, I would like them to reflect your expectations!
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