New nectars of organic fruit of Sant'Egle €3,00 €5,00
I don't like fruit juice, they are always too sweet, too dense, too different from true fruit. I only drink centrifuges and for this I created the perfect fruit juice with a fruit flavor just squeezed! Are you ready, are you ready for the new nectars of organic fruit of Sant'Egle? Stay tuned, they are coming and are fantastic! Tastes? pear, fishing and apricot 100% organic naturally
Compote of organic fruit, without added sugar from €10,00 €12,00
News 2021 Compounds 100% fruit, without added sugar. Only organic fruit, caught in the right moment of maturation where the sun has made it rich in natural fruit sugars. Healthy composals, good as a nature wants. Tastes: fishing, apricot, cherry and strawberry Weight: 330 gr
Fruit compote with Stevia from €10,00
Our composites, unlike jams that are citrus only, jams that have at most 30% fruit and jellies that are based on fruit juices, often frozen, are made only with pieces fruit, cultivated by following The synergistic biological method, without any kind of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.Fruit is caught on the day of its perfect maturation in the sun of the Maremma, it is not smoothed and filtered.The new composes sweetened with our Stevia Reba, have the 90% fruit, 20% Stevia Reba (1%) and 10% of Bio Fairtrade cane sugar. Sugar is necessary for storage, without the need for chemical preservatives, of the compost itself, since the Stevia reba is a sugar and therefore a natural preservative. 20% of Stevia is calculated by evaluating that 1GR of Stevia Reba powder is equivalent to 350g of sugar.The compotes of Sant'Egle, are well preserved in the fridge next time, for about 1 month. Gurada Our site dedicated to Stevia Rebaudiana
Gourmet organic composite with IGP balsamic vinegar from €8,00 €10,00
New recipes 2021 ATT! They can create dependence ;-) 2 new recipes in fruit or vegetables with incredibly good taste to combine with cheese, meats, fish and tofu in tastes of: Strawberry with IGP balsamic vinegar of Modena Bio Tropea onion with IGP balsamic vinegar of Modena Bio Organic caramelized figs with igp balsamic vinegar of modena organic Pack of 130gr
Compote pepper and bio pepper from €15,00 €18,00
One of the recipes of Sant'Egle most appreciated by our customers is the composed of sweetholse peppers and bio pepper. With a slightly spicy flavor it goes well to everything! Try it with fresh and seasoned cheeses, white and red meats, on the bread, combined with fish and wherever you want to give an inspection to your dishes. New packaged package from 340 gr Organic ingredients: cane sugar, pepper, apples vinegar, chilli, agar agar ATT! can procure addiction ;-)
News 2021! Pecorino Bio to Zafferano bio with compounds in citrus fruits €40,00 €65,00
A splendid collaboration between Agribiologica Le Tofane and organic Agriturismo San'egle. A marriage that moves in the palate. A middle-aged sheep with our organic saffron with a delicate taste where the taste of a good fresh sheep prevails, rich in all the properties of our organic saffron, winner of the first best saffron prize in Italy. The caciottines are from about 700gr + 3 Composite gourmet BIO with IGP balsamic vinegar (Tropea onion, strawberry, caramel figs)
Mixed tastes of uncooked organic honey from Sant'Egle from €60,00 €66,00
In collaboration with the Sant'Agata farm, the organic honey of Sant'Egle is born. A small production, like nature creates it, without forcing bees, without the use of antibiotics and mechanical interventions. Non-microfiltered: Honey is filtered only to retain impurities leaving natural particles in honey that compose it, one of which pollen; Non-industrial: Although human intervention is needed from the extraction to the evidence, our products do not undergo industrial processing processes (such as pasteurization, microfiltration, high-speed pumping, etc.) The result? A flavor you have never tried. Available in 250GR jars: Acacia (Out of stock), Linden (Out of Stock), Castagno, Melata (Out of Stock), Millefiori (Out of Stock), Erica, Erica and with Zafferano Pistils of Sant'Egle (Out of Stock). Available in 400GR jars: Erica, Millefiori, Ivy, Chestnut, Acacia, Melata and Acacia with Zafferano Bio di Sant'Egle pistils
Raw organic honey of St. Egle from €11,00 €12,00
In collaboration with the agriturismo Sant'Agata, the organic honey of Sant'Egle is born. A small production, as nature creates it, without forcing bees, without the use of antibiotics and mechanical interventions. Not microfilteredThe honey is filtered only to contain impurities, leaving in the honey the natural particles that make it up, one of which pollen; Non industrialAlthough human intervention is necessary from extraction to irrigation, our products do not undergo industrial processing processes (such as pasteurisation, microfiltration, high-speed pumping, etc.) The result? a taste you've never tasted. Available in jars from 250gr and 400 gr
Regala a GIFT CERTIFICATE from €25,00
Do you like our products? Do you want to make a gift to a friend, a friend or a relative? Choose the GIFT CERTIFICATE that you prefer and insert the data of the person to whom to make the gift! You will receive the GIFT CERTIFICATE that you will be able to spend on our site. If you have any doubts call us or send a whatsApp back to 3294250285 or write an email to
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Are there more products that can be inserted? Take a look at the section Kit on offer And save by buying one of Sant'Egle's bio kits The offer is limited to stocks and is in time To see all kits, CLICK HERE!

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