Do you know the meaning of biodiversity and food chain?
The problem of mosquito infestation in summer, but also of flies or other annoying insects, is given by the fact that the respective antagonists, i.e. those who eat them, have gone to live elsewhere because they cannot find a welcoming home to live in.
Now I'll explain clearly who does what and how to solve this little problem.
I take mosquitoes as an example, which are a real cross for everyone.
Who eats mosquitoes?
Fish, frogs, bats, swallows and many other types of small insects and birds.
If the place where you live does not have trees, water or houses for these mosquito eaters, these 'nice' insects reproduce enormously without ever being preyed upon.
So what to do?
Wherever you live, attach bat nests to the wall of your house or terrace, don't destroy swallow nests and build a pond, even a small tub containing tap water on the terrace is enough.
I know, you're already cringing at the thought of having standing water, which in your head means, MOSQUITOES.
But I guarantee you that if you put some pebbles at the bottom of the tank, some plants that oxygenate and filter the water and some Gambusia fish, you will discover that all the mosquitoes will lay eggs in your tank and the fish will eat their larvae.
Gambusias eat up to 150 mosquito larvae per day. You can buy them in aquarium shops and they also live in winter at our temperatures.
I invite you to Sant'Egle to see with your own eyes how a place, where no life form is killed, lives in the right natural balance.
And remember, an excess of any insect or animal always means that its main predator is not there.
Maybe he died from other poisons given by man, maybe he just came to live in Sant'Egle.
Logically you cannot always carry a mosquito pond with you and for this reason we have two solutions for your summer.
You can burn our organic anti-mosquito kit in your air diffuser which will keep them away from your veins and new for 2023 our organic before and after bite lotion
What do you think, do you want to try to stop turning on mosquito traps and putting chemical and toxic repellents on your skin for you and your family?
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