I must admit the media are very good, they are hammering 360 degrees on this coveted day where everyone (thinks) will do great business!
They're convincing you that the products you'll find on sale will be at such a low price that you just can't do without them.
Tell the truth, are you also waiting for this day to shop?
And here I am, I'm that little voice that counts on making your wise brain come to its senses!
Yes, the very one that every time you hear the word black friday, you chase away like an annoying fly :-)

But YOU , are you aware at 360°, what does this BLACK day bring?
Stop for a moment and bring out your sensitive and intelligent side and reflect without getting caught up in compulsive purchases.
What consequences does Black Friday have on the environment, on the workers, on the small producers and the artisans who have the shop under your house?
Before buying something you don't really need, ask yourself these questions:
do i really need it?
how many km did it do to get into my hands?
What irreversible impact did its construction and transport have on our environment and consequently on our health?
if it breaks, can it be fixed or is it a disposable item?
Is it a product that can be recycled indefinitely during disposal, or is it destined to be a polluting waste?
Whoever produced it was paid fairly, were their rights to childhood, motherhood and human rights respected, so we fill our mouths by signing online petitions?
Put on a balance the gratification and the positive effect of your purchase and the negative effects that it causes to the planet and the people who produce it and then...
is the pain that our planet, workers and our health will bear, is it really worth its purchase?
This black friday thing is consumerist madness!
You for one know that making AWARE PURCHASES is the only solution to save us from this delirium.
Do you want to be part of the real change?
Do you want to try?
Watch this video and then decide.
Was I clear in the video?
Do you want to be part of that mass of Italians who fatten the wallets of the big giants by 2 billion euros in just one day, who don't care about our planet?
if you are already thinking about Christmas gifts or a gift for yourself, choose to buy only really useful, healthy and edible things, choose to support the circular economy by buying from small producers and artisans who are carrying out sustainable projects that improve, do not consume our planet, choose to support the excellence of Made in Italy.
We of Sant'Egle say
NO to Black Friday
and know that we will not make any discount because
It is not obvious
let it be obvious!
- quantity + quality
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