Have you already been swallowed in the cyclone of things to do?
Work, gym, children and school?
Are the holidays a distant memory?
Here I am to support you so as not to fall into the trap that our socio-economic system pushes us to follow.
I haven't had a TV for 30 years now and I haven't read a newspaper.
Some people claim, that I live in ignorance.
If by knowledge we mean what the media 'offer' us, I am aware that it is better to ignore.
I prefer to find inspiration and information from healthier sources, energetically speaking.
What leads to having the classic chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress, is too often given by what the media makes us believe we must have and do, but also by bad news emulsified to such an extent that we feel unable to find a solution.
This is why my advice this week is to turn off the TV, stop listening to the junk news that virally wallows on social media and create your own news sources that can constructively and positively make your day useful for you, your family and the planet.
Our socio-economic system feeds on our vital energy.
The more stressful the information, the more you will eat junk food, isolate yourself in apathy, and not enjoy your free time and loved ones.
My recipe for maintaining a healthy mind is to have a happy, healthy body.
I know you have commitments to keep but if you face them with physical energy, mental awareness and desire to feel good, I know that this October will be a new October.
a warm greeting full of desire to do :-) erika
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