Today at 21.21 the splendid autumn of this 2021 begins
Each of us should take the time to sit and watch the leaves fall and recall, in our minds, the summer that has just passed.
What have I sown, what have I reaped?
What did I learn, what amazed me?
What have I changed my mind about, what have I grown up in?
Who did I meet, what made my heart beat faster?
It's an important day where nature shows us that light has the same value and importance as darkness.
Today the sun will shine exactly the same hours as the full moon.
Two magical elements for us humans but so natural and instinctive for migratory birds driven to leave and take advantage of the light of day and the moon to get closer to their winter home, flapping their wings for hours, almost without stopping.
Here in Sant'Egle we are saying goodbye to the swallows that have doubled their nests this year, with the hope that next year word of mouth will bring other birds to live in our oasis protected by humans.
Meanwhile we are building new mangers and nests for those who want to come and spend the winter here in Sant'Egle, like the slender robins who herald the arrival of winter.
Why don't you try this year to create a place to honor and welcome these stoic and adventurous birds?
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