Mens sana in corpore sano

Mens sana in corpore sano
« healthy mind in healthy body »
This experience that the global situation offers us is demanding. Needless to tell.
Even those who have a strong and rooted body and spirit are sometimes overwhelmed by days when everything falters.
I feel like a positive person, always and in any case, but I want to tell you that when I lose my centre, I feel an empty space forming. A fragile space that can be attacked and compromise my body and mind.
Today I want to share with you what I do when certain moods come.
Because, as I always say, there is always a solution to everything! 💟
Cleaning the house is an act of Change and Renewal.
If you put Awareness into the gestures you'll make, you'll be surprised how it's a real meditation for your mind.
As you well know, I use EMs to clean my house and the Sant'Egle farmhouse and I add a few drops of essential oil from our LAUREL.
For the floors instead I add the laurel hydrolat to the water in the bucket.
EMs are good bacteria that improve our lives (if you don't know what they are,
which is a natural antibacterial and virucidal power.
Inhale its scent, it will gently activate your energy, strengthening the ability to concentrate and memory, develop creativity, placating fears and anxiety, restoring self-confidence and promoting psychic awareness, intuition, keeping away exhaustion, tiredness and stress.
The Etruscans used to plant the laurel nearby in the Necropolis to make the rite of passage to the new life, with a deep serene peace that the laurel induces.
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