The mid-seasons are here!

Le mezze stagioni, ci sono!
My peasant Grandmother told me to dress 'in an onion' when the seasons change so as not to get 'ailments'!
Our neighbor, who takes off his flannel shirt in June and puts it back on at the end of September because the seasons must be respected, says that during the months with the letter 'R' one shouldn't be in the sun, because otherwise he'll 'sick' !
Wise farmers are always right, because in the end in spring and autumn it is not so strange that the temperature changes from morning to evening, ruining the first buds or the last crops.
This week 3 days of sudden cold were enough to understand that summer hasn't arrived yet and to see our nose drip and bones ache.
In the changing seasons, we must, more than ever, take care of our body by eating healthy and well and by getting help from the herbs that are ready, just to help us pass this moment of change and renewal.
I'll tell you what I personally do, to be strong and healthy, this time of year!
To a good extract (or smoothie) of apples, kiwis and bitter seasonal vegetables, I add a teaspoon of organic spirulina from Sant'Egle. It's the best way to start the day, I cleanse myself of the waste accumulated in winter, accumulate vitamins and strengthen my immune system.

On purpose! this week we're giving you an essential accessory to drink your extract or juice! Check out the videos below ;-)
Then I take an Echinacea root capsule from our synegic garden which is a natural immunostimulant and a Vitamin C capsule made with our dog rose, which is also an immunostimulant, fights free radicals and, last but not least, helps to convey the iron contained in spirulina, in my body.
For lunch and dinner I eat nutritious foods that satisfy the taste and fortify the intestinal flora such as cereals, legumes, wholemeal pasta and surprising delicious and heartening soups.
Before going to bed I nourish my skin with cosmetic products made with our organic extra virgin olive oil and if the day has been mentally heavy, I make an herbal tea with St. John's wort flowers or take a capsule of St. John's wort flowers, so body and mind relax and thoughts do not torment me during the sacred rest.
Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live
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