The Global Mobilization against climate change

La Mobilitazione Globale contro i cambiamenti climatici
The president of the European commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, has declared that 2021 will be the year of change for our planet.
It is our civic and human duty to reflect on every daily gesture that could harm our planet.
I am aware that we cannot give up everything in order not to have an impact on our planet, but where we have an ethical choice that can cause our action to have little or no impact, we must choose it even if it costs us a few more sacrifices. 
On 26 and 27 March 2021 there are two important events, which with a small gesture will save our planet a lot of energy.
 On March 26, we joined the Caterpillar and Radio2 project  M'illumino di Meno , the day of energy saving and sustainable lifestyles. The event is dedicated to the "Salto di Specie", i.e. the evolution in our way of life (mobility, housing, nutrition and circular economy) to emerge improved from this particular historical moment.
On March 27, we joined the project at Earth Hour 2021 , the largest global mobilization against climate change. WWF event which, starting from the symbolic gesture of turning off the lights for an hour, unites citizens, institutions and businesses in a common desire to give the world a sustainable future and overcome the challenge of climate change.
It's proof that together we can make a big difference.
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