Natural and Bio Remedies for your skin

I Rimedi Naturali e Bio per la tua pelle
There are 4 organic natural remedies to always have at home, for beautiful and healthy skin for the whole family.
They are the Bio Oleolites for topical use, cheap, functional and miraculous, all made with an ancient medieval recipe from Erika's grandmother.
A remedy to always keep on hand (or in your bag) to take care of a small cut, a scraped knee, a rash, an itch, a burn, a sudden hemorrhoid. As you start using them, you won't be able to do without them to remove make-up because they are anti-wrinkle, for stretch marks, scars, couperose, diaper rash, insect bites, joint pain and much more that you will find written in detail below.
Lavender oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and relaxing properties. It is particularly suitable for treating dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritations, muscle contractures and pains, headaches, oily or acne-prone skin, otitis or ear cleaning, face make-up remover, dandruff and lice. Read more here!
It has healing, skin regenerating, soothing, emollient, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, antiseptic, purifying, astringent, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, wounds, burns, burns, bedsores, erythema, skin inflammation, psoriasis, skin spots, scars, stretch marks couperose, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, insect bites, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain. Read more here!
For those who already know this product on offer this week 2x 500 ml packs!
Helichrysum boasts antihistamine properties, useful for soothing allergy symptoms in cases of dermatitis, skin rashes or any other irritation affecting the skin. Helichrysum certainly does not have the power of cortisone, but it is a perfect natural remedy to soothe the symptoms of any type of allergy, or intolerance, whether it is an allergy to nickel, pollen, grasses, food, dust, or animal hair.
Anti-inflammatory on irritated skin, especially in the case of dermatitis, eczema, herpes of all kinds, contact dermatitis, hives, skin rashes and especially on skin affected by psoriasis. Cold hands and feet, or chilblains having the ability to reactivate the blood microcirculation. Read more here!
Calendula oil is also a great ally for mothers: in fact, it soothes and protects the sensitive and irritable skin of newborns and children; moreover, if used preventively, it counteracts the formation of fissures in the breast of the nursing mother, and is also capable of quickly healing those already present.
Calendula oil has an emollient, soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory and healing action on sensitive or irritated skin. Read more here!
If you want here you can find a video where I explain the difference between an essential oil and an oleolite and above all how you can make them at home!

These are my recommendations. Take care of yourself and the people you love. Erika

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