Sant'Egle Organic Saffron Harvest Festival

Festa della Raccolta dello Zafferano Bio di Sant'Egle

Saffron, from the Persian za'faran, means gold, light, revealed wisdom. Known since ancient times for its beneficial effects on the body, it has been rediscovered in recent times by science as one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature, capable of reawakening all energies.
0.03 g of saffron per day (3/5 pistils) provide our body with the necessary antioxidants, to stay with a young brain and skin because it contains an extraordinary concentration of vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements precious for health.
This is the case of carotenes, substances that our body transforms into vitamin A, known for their anticancer properties and stimulators of the immune system: saffron contains 8%, while carrots only 0.008%
For all these reasons, saffron is a natural remedy as precious as it is rare.
Suffice it to say that it is obtained from three small filaments present in the corolla of a flower, the crocus sativus: 150 flowers and many hours of manual work are needed for 1 g of dried saffron pistils.
Here is therefore explained why saffron is compared to gold.
Its value can also be measured through its innumerable properties such as stimulating the immune system, protecting the body from the aggression of viruses and bacteria, preventing the development of tumors and degenerative diseases, hindering the destructive action of free radicals, protecting the heart and arteries, reducing hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, protects the respiratory system, relieving cough and asthma symptoms, reduces menstrual pain, thanks to the crocetin content, increases concentration, mitigates depression, relieves toothache, protects the liver and stimulates digestion.
The hypothesis that saffron is able to inhibit the deposit of some proteins present in the human brain in the presence of Alzheimer's disease is being studied.
If you are passionate about saffron, we have a dedicated site and many videos where I explain everything, even how to grow it!
This week, we want to celebrate with you the end of the harvest (MASSACRANT!) by offering all the products with our organic saffron, made in synergy with the best zero km Tuscan companies.

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