Organic Echinacea Purpurea

Echinacea Purpurea biologica
Echinacea is the immunostimulator par excellence.
I haven't gotten sick for years thanks to her and today I want to tell you what I do every change of season to always be healthy, full of strength, desire to do and vitality!
First of all, imagine your immune system as a dense surveillance network that calls all the organs and cells of your body to work day and night to counteract viruses and 'bad' bacteria that we come into contact with by ingesting them, breathing them and through the mucous membranes. and the skin.
When our defenses work you don't notice this great work, you're just fine! Even when you sleep and don't think about it, he neutralizes the 'attack' and ensures that it cannot reproduce inside the cells, showing you the consequent arrival of the symptom of the disease.
As a rule, our immune system works well and we do not get sick.
Only when the hectic life, worries, stress or a diet that is not always balanced and the first changes in temperature, our immune system weakens, our defenses are lowered and we risk falling ill.
To prevent these 'system declines' it is enough to strengthen our immune system. Echinacea, two capsules in the morning after breakfast, for 1 or 2 months, before the change of season is the solution. My word, I've been eating it for 25 years! And remember!
Echinacea is also useful when we are about to get sick.
If we learn to listen to our body, it always tells us when we are 'going down' and if we insist, it will stop us in a bed. In these cases, if you take 1 capsule every 5 hours, you will see that your body will thank you!
In fact, echianacea has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It combats colds, mild urinary tract infections, respiratory tract diseases, bacteriostatic, virustatic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also useful in preventing the degradation of type III collagen from damage caused by free radicals.
Imagine, Native Americans used it externally to treat burns, insect bites and even snake bites. And internally, to counteract stomach pain and headaches, as well as a remedy against gonorrhea and measles. In the homeopathic field, however, echinacea has indications for the treatment of disorders such as tonsillitis, cellulite, boils and insect bites.
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