Detox inside and out, for silky skin

Detox dentro e fuori, per una pelle di seta

Many of you have asked me how I can have such radiant skin despite having largely passed the half century!

It all starts with a healthy diet, even if a healthy excess is sometimes good for the heart and should not be denied to our body.

Certainly the rule must be to eat organic food, stay at least 30 minutes a day in a place where there is nature and then get help from targeted products.

This is my favorite kit, I created it based on my needs and my allergies. This is what gives me glowing, hydrated skin with few wrinkles.

The kit contains: 1 pack of 300 capsules of organic spirulina, 1 pack of 100gr of crunchy spirulina, 1 200ml moisturizing body cream, 1 organic anti-wrinkle eye cream, 1 organic anti-aging face cream, 1 organic cocoa butter, 1 soap based on extra virgin olive oil and 1 organic hypericum oil.

DETOX INSIDE Shall we start by eliminating all the heavy metals present in the body thanks to the abuses we did this summer?
3 capsules of Sant'Egle organic Spirulina are enough, in the morning for breakfast with a seasonal fruit juice.
DETOX OUT Take two tablespoons of crunchy organic spirulina from Sant'egle and add two tablespoons of warm water, mix until it becomes a cream and spread it on your face and neck, wait 15 minutes and rinse.
ANTI-WRINKLE SHOWER use our evo oil-based solid soap. The extra virgin olive oil restores the right pH of the skin and the honey soothes wrinkles.
MOISTURIZE AFTER THE SHOWER in the evening, put the St. John's Wort oil on wet skin. It will help you repair your skin damaged by the sun, small lesions and fine lines. For the body use our organic cream with extra virgin olive oil. Evo oil has the same PH as our skin, which is why it restores its right balance in a natural way. Put cocoa butter with our extra virgin olive oil, you will wake up with very soft lips.
MOISTURIZE IN THE MORNING wash away the hypericum oil which is photosensitive and could stain your skin with the sun with solid soap with snail slime, apply the organic nourishing Anti-aging cream with our extra virgin olive oil, apply around the lips, on the neck and around the eyes, the eye contour with hyaluronic acid and a final touch of organic cocoa butter with extra virgin olive oil that will leave your lips soft throughout the morning.
If you like the idea, you can find it for sale here
ps The one in the photo isn't me but it's the splendid Greta, the Green Naturopath. She also uses Sant'Egle products but certainly to have her skin, you need to be 30 years younger ;-)
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