Hypericum, the miracle flower

Iperico, il fiore miracoloso
As tradition has it, on June 24th, San Giovanni, the Hypericum flowers are picked and hung upside down in a shady and well-ventilated place.
Its flowers, used as herbal tea, are a medieval remedy for depression, insomnia and muscle contractures that often create neck pain and consequent headaches.
One teaspoon of flowers per cup of hot water is recommended.
Natural antidepressant
Surely among the best known properties of hypericum is its ability to fight depressive and anxious states. Indeed, St. John's Wort is considered a powerful natural antidepressant.
The antidepressant action of St. John's wort, currently also confirmed by various scientific researches, is due in particular to the ability to increase serotonin levels as well as, in the case of sleep disturbances, to that of regulating the production of melatonin responsible in turn of an effective sleep-wake rhythm.
Traditionally, St. John's wort was used to treat wounds and burns, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative power for the skin.
Thanks to its naturally sedative and antidepressant action on the nervous system, hypericum can be an excellent remedy in times of great stress in which perhaps one feels down on a psychological and emotional level, even more so if in addition to bad mood one is subject even anxiety attacks.
Since St. John's wort helps to have a positive mental attitude, this plant is often recommended as a mood booster when deciding to quit smoking.
Contraindications of St. John's wort
It can interact with different types of drugs going to increase or decrease their effect with very dangerous risks for health. This is why, before choosing this remedy, it is always better to seek the opinion of your doctor who will evaluate whether it is a more or less viable solution based on your state of health and whether or not you are taking medicines.
Hypericum also conflicts with the contraceptive pill and could nullify its effectiveness. Absolutely not recommended for use even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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