Do you have the feeling that your life is flowing, without your having the power to direct it where it makes you happy?

Here's an idea to start YOUR change, a conscious walk.
It seems trivial, but you'll see that the knot will come IMMEDIATELY to the comb.

When we are on the move, we are 'programmed' to be at our best, multitasking.
So as we move along, we feel 'morally obligated' to do something else as well.

It should be easy to do just one thing, which is walk, but there's a temptation to do something else as well.
So let's use that time to listen to a meditation in headphones, a recording of a very interesting course, which took place yesterday evening, but which we missed, make a phone call, plan the next day's work or think about who has to pick up the children from school .

Without ever giving ourselves the moment we are living.

Have you ever thought about giving yourself a few minutes of blissful mental break?
We are not used to being alone with our thoughts and this can be almost terrifying at times.

WITH A CONSCIOUS WALK you don't have to worry about where you're going and whether you can be reached.
There is something liberating about the feeling that no one knows where you are, not even yourself.
Until you are confident enough that you can find your way back, keep turning at different angles, until you feel like going home.
Walking like this - without distractions, without a purpose, in complete freedom - becomes a real meditation, rather than leaning into the lotus position or finding a room in your house where no one will come to disturb you.
Walking costs nothing, requires no preparation, and you can do it anywhere.
Sure, in an ideal world we'd all be able to disappear into the mountains or woods for a stroll whenever we chose, but there's a calm to be found even in the eye of an urban storm, just take the first step and log out from everything.
Turn off whatever you're doing and go.
No destinations, no distractions, just a moment's escape into the stillness of movement.
What do you think about it?
Do you want to try? Send us a photo of where you are lost/found!
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