We are preparing for the latest collections

Ci prepariamo alle ultime raccolte
We are preparing for the latest collections for this generous 2020 season!
Le Pere, for the wonderful compote with stevia,
the olives for our high quality organic extra virgin olive oil
and organic saffron flowers to make precious pistils rich in antioxidants

Are you ready to follow us through LIVE and RECIPES that will reveal
the whole production process?

We are closed to the public but we will continue to keep you company with our weekly live shows of Knowing to Consciously Choose and ship all your orders every morning.
in this particular historical moment it is even more important to know that surrounding yourself with GOOD BACTERIA that you eat CARRIVI BACTERIA is essential for living in health.
You can use EMs to clean the house, in the water you drink, in your pond, in the swimming pool, in the composting of household waste, to give vitality to a garden or a vegetable garden whose soil is devoid of nutrients and also added in paints that you will use on the walls or furniture in your home, for mold prevention and much more!
Want to know more about EM?

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