It's called FETTUNT!

It says FETTUNTA not bruschetta, do you understand?
I want to be clear, once and for all!
FETTUNTA is made with NOVO oil, at breakfast, before lunch, as a snack, before going to bed.
When here in Sant'Egle Novo oil is made, it is a sort of fixed thought and any excuse is good to make some toasted bread (better on the grill), rubbed red proceon garlic, a pinch of real sea salt and rivers of oil above!
Don't be stingy, it's called FETTUNTA because the slice of bread and the hand must be GREASY and GREASY! it's clear?
Have the bruschetta made by those who don't know about new oil, the good one, that tingles, green as a lizard, the Tuscan one, just to understand each other ;-)

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