Wellness of the whole body and stevia

Benessere di tutto il corpo e stevia
the opportunity that has been offered to us in these last 3 months has been unique, precious and must not be forgotten with the return to what everyone calls 'normality'.

IT'S NOT NORMAL To delude ourselves that we are healthy, in a sick world.

Make a commitment to CURE your Planet with small daily gestures, fighting the causes, not the consequences.
Buy consciously , going against consumerism and satisfying only real needs.

Manage the time. Do a job that satisfies you, makes you proud and ennobles you.
Leave a positive imprint of your existence, bringing collective happiness, not just individual.
Choose a green holiday and support the circular economy.
Evaluate before buying from those companies that aim only for profit without thinking about the production process and who works for them.
ALWAYS use common sense.
Healthy body in Mens healthy "Healthy body in a healthy mind"
Healthy eating is very important but, without taking care of our mind, our body will continue to show symptoms of discomfort.
Thursday 4 June, at 6 pm, We are waiting for you on FB for the latest episode of KNOWING TO CHOOSE AWARELY
We will talk to 4 ENLIGHTEN PEOPLE who have made their lives available, offering tools for feel good.
Have a little more patience. Next week we will communicate the exact reopening date of Sant'Egle!
Meanwhile, just for you, a photo in PREVIEW of the new pool you will find this year.
It has the color and flavor of the Sardinian sea and is waiting for you for a EXCLUSIVE USE!!
Lots of them POSITIVE NEWS born thanks to this particular historical period.
You will have even more privacy, large spaces dedicated only to you in nature, services designed to stay in harmony as a couple, silence, animals, flowers and lots of freedom of movement, in complete safety.
Do you know that it strengthens your immune system, gives concentration , stimulates the desire to do and eaten before meals, gives a sense of satiety ?
Did you miss the Live dedicated to Sant'Egle's organic Spirulina? Watch the replay here!
Are you curious to know how many things it's good for? Visit our website dedicated to Spirulina.
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