My grandfather always said
Nature is in no hurry, yet everything happens.

Grandpa Nanni squatted down, as Indians sit, with his national team without a filter in his mouth. He observed his cultivated fields, in unsuspecting times, cultivated following the Permaculture method.
He observed the slowness and perseverance of the seeds he had planted, which day after day, transformed into his sustenance.
I grew up eating fruit, vegetables, eggs and my grandfather's oil.
Wait for the seasonality, it was always a party.
Respecting slowness is a great proof of respect for our planet.
Did you know that a zucchini would never grow without a bee going from the male flower to the female flower of the plant and pollinating it? Yes, these cute little animals are fundamental to our existence on earth and we need to protect them. 'Stealing' honey can be a sustainable operation, if you ONLY take the surplus production of the hive. So not every year it is possible to have it. The production of our honey is small and the quality is very high. Have you seen the color? Here you are! the flavor is even more explosive and surprising because it is RAW, UNFILTERED honey, just like bees do. Directly from cell to jar.

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