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BIO hydroside, 100 ml



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The distillation under steam is a technique that allows extracting essential oils from the fabric of the plant, by means of their transport by water vapor. At the end of this process, two important products are always obtained : essential oil and aromatic or hydrolate water.

The hydroside can be given on the skin after the shower or diluted in water to clean and fragment the floors.

Read the properties of individual workshop plants

Lavender exercises a rebalancing act of the central nervous system, being simultaneously tonic and sedative ; calm anxiety, agitation, nervousness ; alleviates headaches and disturbances caused by stress ; helps to take sleep in the case of insomnia,

Antiseptic and antibiotic, very good remedy in the treatment of all diseases from cooling : influenza, coughing, cold, sinusitis, catharsis.

Antispasmodics, calm pain and abdominal spasms and can benefit in the case of menstrual pain (it is, however, to be avoided in the case of abundant menstruation).

Antiseptic, if diluted in the intimate detergent or in internal washers, contrasts the receptions of the genitourinary system, such as cystitis.

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, used in lotions and massage oils, relieves pain caused by muscle and rheumatism and helps in the lymphatic rigs caused by the presence of cellulite.

Scarring, it is used on the skin, even the children's skin, as an excellent remedy in the event of burns, wounds wounds, brings relief in the presence of insect punctures, sunbeds, irritations caused by jellyfish.

Childhood disorders is an excellent essence for children : colic, irritability, colds, nighttime agitation, can be alleviated by a massage on the back of the head or on the chest with essential lavender oil or with a few drops of the essence placed on the pillow or in the water of the thermosiphers ' humidifiers.


Rosemary presents the following properties :

helps mental clarity and concentration : for students, for those who need to focus on a project, the essential oil of rosemary in the abrupt essay allows to facilitate the focus of one's focus on a given goal, and to keep it for a different time, without fatigue.

Useful for the liver and gallbladder : it reinforces the liver and can be used in the natural treatment of gallstones, jaundice, in the case of hepatitis, bile colic and infections. By interior it has a very strong action, therefore the use through impels and massages on the areas of the affected organs is advised ;

reinforces the heart to reduce blood glucose, fluidifies the blood, prevents and improves arteriosclerosis.

Antiseptic and antispasmodic : useful against coughing, colds, sinusites, and stagnation or presence of mucus in the respiratory tract. In this case, too, the use in abrupt essences is a touch.

The essential oil of rosemary purifies the air and the environments, but is also able, by analogy, to purify the mind from unnecessary thoughts and remugation ;

Natural heating : poichis improves blood circulation is useful in case of gout, cold limbs, cold extremities and poorly sprayed by blood, muscle pain, arthritis and rheumatism.

An ally of the health of the hair : it increases the capillary spraying thus a better nourishment to the bulbs, purifies the hair and rebalances the production of sebo in the case of fatty skin, for this it can be used in the production of natural shampoos ;

Physical energizing : in the case of apathy and asthenia, it increases vitality and at the same time gives mental clarity and objectivity in dealing with each situation, clarifying those emotional states and those patterns of thought that often associate with mild forms of lethargy and depression.

Mental stimulant : it increases memory and mental reactivity, the readiness of thought and clarity, lucidity. Useful against lack of memory, nuisance, mental confusion, even in the delicate moments of passing adulthood to the most advanced, in menopause and in the andropause.


Issopo possesses digestive properties : stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, favors digestive processes, eliminates intestinal gases.

The presence of the flavonoids gives the issopo a diuretic and antiseptic action for urinary pathways, able to increase diuresis and maintain free from bacteria the urinary conduit, useful in bacterial and inflammation infections, to improve cystitis.


Salvia Scalea has relaxing power if inhaled induces calm and serenity in presence in the presence of stress, nervousness, anguish, fears, paranoia. Great support for overcoming middle-aged crises and menopause, for people who don't dare anymore, the resigned, who feel "too old" and live in a state of depression. It acts at an emotional level, on our creativity by allowing us expressions and "poetic licenses" worthy of born artists ; infond courage to carry out creative projects or support exams.

Balanced in the women's hormone system, diluted in almond oil and massaged on the body, the spicy effects on the reproductive system are beneficial on somatizations derived from their disequilibrium, such as lymphatic reponds, cellulitis, premenstrual syndrome, menopause flushing, menstrual pain, amenorrhea or abundant menstruation, alopecia due to hormonal imbalances.

Especorant is used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis of asthma, and coughing provoked by influenza.

Deodorant intervenes on both the excessive secretion of sweat in the hands, armpits, feet, called hyperhidrosis ; and as an antibacterial on the microorganisms that produce the bad odors, so it is extremely effective in the resolutions of issues related to sweating.

Purifier, taken 2 drops in a teaspoon of honey, has detoxifying properties on liver and kidneys, also useful for treating intermittent fevers caused by intestinal infections, intoxications and diarrhoea.

Cycling on the skin has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action and repairs the skin tissue. It is indicated in the case of afte, dermatitis, sores, insect punctures, skin ulcers, acne, fungal infections as mycoses and candidacies.


Cypress is a vasoconstruct in external use, it is recommended to those with circulation problems, in the case of cellulite, to those suffering from water retention, hemorrhoids, varices and capillary fragility, contrasts the formation of edems and haematoms ; and recommended antirheumatic in the case of rheumatism and joint pains.

Antidepressant, if inhaled has a general rebalancing act on the nervous system, sweeten the changes and helps to overcome depression, which arises from the loss of loved ones and the end of a love story.

Expelling for internal use, indicated in the presence of coughing, in cases of pertussis, tracheitis, bronchitis.


Bay is stimulating, if inhaled activates the energy softly, strengthens the ability of concentration and memory ; develops creativity ; placates the fears and anxiety to be examined. When you lack confidence in yourself, you are afraid to speak in public, afraid of not being up to it or failing to accomplish your goals : it fosters psychic awareness and intuition, "making it possible to be impossible." Useful in the event of exhaustion, fatigue and stress.

Rebalancing of the skin, restores the sebaceous balance in the dermatitis that are often the cause of acne and inflammation. It is an effective remedy to reinforce the hair and prevent it from falling. If frictionless with regularity and constancy on the scalp, it stimulates microcirculation, favoring oxygenation and tissue nourishment, contrasting alopecia.

Digestive, 2 drops of essential oil of laurels in a teaspoon of honey taken after meals, helps the digestion and calm the stomach pains. When diluted in vegetable oil and massaged on the belly, it carries out relaxing action on the smooth musculature of the gastroenteric system. Useful in the presence of spasms, irritable bowel, and to eliminate gases that cause meteorism and flatulence.


Elicrice is known for its properties : antihistamines, lenders, antbacklogs, micolotic and decongestant, antiasthmatic. The benefits are seen above all in respiratory system disorders such as coughing, catarro, inflammation of allergic origin of mucous memberes. But it is also known for diuretic, sweat and detoxifying properties. Its strength lies in the ability to eliminate toxic residues from tissues, particularly from kidneys and liver. It is also a very good help in the case of diets diets. It also does well to the skin as it regenerates it, eliminating stains, scars, thicknesses and injuries. Great for linfodrenic massages. He also gives light to hair and skin off and opaque.


Pack of 100ml with spray.

Produced by Agr.Bio Hague del Tufo and organic Agriturismo Sant' Egle


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