5lt Hydrolate in tank

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Hydrolated laurel Hydrochlorate Lavender Rosemary Hydrolate Hydrolate Eucalyptus

5lt Hydrolate in tank

€100,00 €250,00 -60% OFF


Hydrolated laurel Hydrochlorate Lavender Rosemary Hydrolate Hydrolate Eucalyptus
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The 5lt Tank Hydrolate can be used as hot water for your bathroom, the hot tub, as tonic sprayed on your skin after the shower, to wash the floors or for iron.

The scent of each plant will lead your mind to total relaxation.

Steam distillation is a technique that allows essential oils to be extracted from the plant's tissue by means of transport from the water vapour. At the end of this process two important products are always obtained: essential oil and aromatic or hydrolysed water.

Read Properties of individual official plants

Lavender exerts a rebalancing action of the central nervous system, being both tonic and sedative; calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness; relieves headaches and stress related disorders; helps you sleep in case of insomnia,

Antiseptic and antibiotic, a very good remedy for treating all cold diseases: influenza, cough, cold, sinusitis, catarrhoea.

Antispasmodic, calms abdominal pain and spasms and can benefit in case of menstrual pain (however, it is to be avoided in case of ample menstruation).

Antiseptic, if diluted in an internal detergent or washing machine, contrasts the diseases of the genital-urinary system, such as cystitis.

Antiinflammatory, analgesic, used in lotions and massage oils, relieves pain caused by muscle tearing and rheumatism and helps in lymphatic withdrawal caused by the presence of cellulite.

Scarring, it is used on the skin, also the skin of children, as an excellent remedy in case of burns, wounds wounds, brings relief in the presence of insect bites, solar erythema, irritations caused by jellyfish.

Children's disorders are an excellent essence for children: colic, irritability, chills, night-time agitation, can be relieved by a massage on the back or chest with essential lavender oil or with some drop of essence placed on the pillow or in the water of the thermos humidifiers.


Rosemary has the following properties:

helps mental clarity and concentration: for students, for those who need to focus on a project, the essential oil of rosemary in burning essences allows to facilitate the focus of their attention on a particular goal, and to keep it for a different time, without fatigue.

Useful for liver and gallbladder: it strengthens the liver and can be used in the natural treatment of bile, jaundice, hepatitis, gallstones and infections. Internally it has a very strong action, therefore it is recommended to use via packaging and massages on the areas of the organs concerned;

strengthens the heart to reduce blood glucose, fluids the blood, prevents and improves arteriosclerosis.

Antiseptic and antispasmodic: useful against cough, colds, sinuses, and stagnation or presence of mucus in the respiratory tract. Even in this case the use in burning essences is a touch.

The essential oil of rosemary purifies the air and the environments, but is also able, by analogy, to purify the mind from useless thoughts and reflection;

Natural heater: as it improves blood circulation is useful in case of gout, cold limbs, cold extremities and poorly sprayed by blood, muscle pain, arthritis and rheumatism.

Hair health ally: increases capillary Irrigation therefore a better nourishment to bulbs, purifies hair and rebalances the production of sebum in case of fatty skin, for this can be used in the production of natural shampoos;

Physical energizer: in the case of apathy and abstinence, increases vitality and at the same time gives mental clarity and objectivity in dealing with every situation, clarifying those emotional states and those thought patterns that often associate with mild forms of lethargy and depression.

Mental stimulant: increases memory and mental reactivity, readiness to think and clarity, clarity. Useful against lack of memory, laziness, mental confusion, even in delicate moments of transition from the adult to the more advanced age, menopause and andropause.


Alloro. is stimulating, if inhaled activates energy gently, strengthens concentration capacity and memory; develop creativity; soothes the fears and anxieties of the exam. When one lacks confidence in oneself, one is afraid to speak in public, afraid of not being up to the task or failing to achieve one's goals: it promotes psychic awareness and intuition, "making the impossible possible". Useful in case of exhaustion, fatigue and stress.

Balancing the skin, restores sebaceous balance in the dermatitis that often cause acne and inflammation. It is an effective remedy to strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling. If rubbed regularly and consistently on the scalp, it stimulates microcirculation, favouring the oxygenation and nourishment of tissues, counteracting alopecia.

Digestive, two drops of essential laurel oil in a spoon of honey taken after meals, helps digestion and calms stomach pain. If diluted in vegetable oil and massaged on the belly, it has a relaxing action on the smooth muscles of the gastroenteric system. Useful in case of spasms, irritable bowel and to eliminate gases that cause meteorism and flatulence.


Eucalyptus Antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, regenerative, scarring, disinfectant, skin, stimulant, deodorant, anti-wrinkle and tonic. It is ideal for acne skin or in general against any imperfection, also great for insect bites or mild wounds.


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