We are Erika and Alessandro, city people who in 2010 chose a happy decline by creating an off-grid visionary project dedicated to those who want a positive change in the world.

We have the power to make good choices and we have created a place where both the production of all our products and the holiday have zero impact on the environment and meets the values of sustainable growth.

Our eco luxury resort & luxury organic glamping has the minimum levels of environmental impact and daily commitment in respect of all ethical practices, goes beyond the many prizes won and institutional certifications.

Talk to you. craftsmen of the earth, these products are handmade, they are natural and genuine at 100%, cultivated with common sense in a territory full of minerals, pure air, without chemicals, electromagnetic, acoustic and luminous pollution. The taste of these products follows our taste, can and must be different from one another, respecting nature and its cycles. We do not please the market, without compromises because we are passionate dreamers who only want quality to prevail over numbers. The real luxury, the real well-being is simplicity, being able to stop and do a little silence to listen to good taste, in harmony with the ecosystem.

We cultivate by the method Synergic biology and we use the Biodynamic Calendar.

All products are certified Vegetables, gluten-free, cruelty-free and certified biological raw materials from: CCPB with operator number CW81.

Download our bio certificate, Click here!

No request is too big and no detail too small.

We'd like to help you solve any doubts.

Here you can find all the ways to contact us. Please respect the hours of our deposition from work.

From 10 to 18-SMS, WhatsUp, call Erika at +39 329. 4250285

Email: info@agriturismobiologicotoscana.it

And here is where we live, where we do everything you find on this ecommerce, where you can find our Bio Shop and where you can come on holiday in Maremma Tuscany www.santegle.it

Natural and genuine products at 100%

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